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Week 11

by Gerald Udowiczenko

Well no sooner have I got a new PC (which I have hardly used so far), then the old (serial) mouse, dies on me. I was about halfway though transferring data from one PC to the other and I have no spare mouse. Looks like another expense I wasn't expecting. Damn!

But that shouldn't stop me doing the newsletter on the new PC, so that's no problem? Or so I thought. Now the Monitor has given up the ghost. So as I type this up (at work) I'm hoping I can sort something out by the weekend? If not the whole newsletter will have to be done at work, which as I put the finishing touches to the newsletter was the case.

Well no real surprises last week, other then me surprising the Tipsters and getting a Gameplan in on time and just how close the Lions kept it against the unbeaten Vikes. Those 3 interceptions looked exceptionally costly, for Brucey?

The Pub Meet went ahead on the Saturday, but unfortunately I was unable to make it. Which in the end was probably a good thing? As if I had made it, I wouldn't have got there till about 7ish and probably wouldn't have found anyone? As the Firkin pub was closed, for the weekend? Mad fools. But with true adventuring sprit, or were they searching for sprit? I'm not too sure, another pub was found not too far away.

As always thanks to those who sent something in. This weeks thanks goes go, in no particular order, Graham, Brucey & Richard for their contributions.

Week 10
Name Correct /
Total Pct
Graham 10/11 87/110 79
Richard   56/71 79
Gerald 8/11 90/121 74
Jon 8/11 31/44 71
SPLATT 8/12 82/120 69

BB (10-0, W10) @ CL (9-1, W4) Last time : wk 1, 2003 (35 - 18)
Gerald : Game of the week and a possible glimpse of the Championship Game? The Browns have improved a lot since these two teams last met. But I still think the Bills are the better team. Bills by 2.
Graham : Game of the Season so far. Homefield for the playoffs possibly on the line. Could be the week the Bills meet their match. CL 6.
Richard : Browns by lots.
SPLATT : Cleveland by 3.

NE (4-6, W1) @ TT (2-8, L1) Last time : wk 7, 2003 (17 - 3)
Gerald : No comment.
Graham : What will Drew do this week? Could be a great game. More at stake for the Pats but the Titans look pretty useful. TN 1.
Richard : Titans by 3
SPLATT : New England by 2.

MD (6-4, L1) @ KC (4-6, W1) Last time : wk 4, 2003 (30 - 20)
Gerald : The Chiefs seem to have found that offence of last season and it's still not too late for them to mount a challenge for a wildcard, though they will have to win all their remaining games. Tough one to call, but I think the Chief can just do it, though this may go to overtime. Chiefs by 3.
Graham : After being ambushed by the Pats D the Fish now meet that juggernaut KC offence. Another potential thriller. KC 3.
Richard : Fish by 7
SPLATT : Miami by 2.

NY (6-4, L4) @ OR (3-7, L4) Last time : wk 3, 2003 (45 - 14)
Gerald : The Jets have gone from a good looking unbeaten team in week 6, to poor wildcard chasing team in week 10. They seem to have the (bad) knack of getting into steaks and not being able to break them easily. This week however, the Raiders should provide easy opposition. Jets by 10.
Graham : Time for the Jets (who were a trifle unlucky last week) to get back on the winning trail. NJ 10.
Richard : Jets by 3
SPLATT : New York by 11.

PS (6-4, W5) @ DB (8-2, W4) Last time : wk 7, 2003 (21 - 56)
Gerald : Mark has turned this team around since taking over. But this will probably be his biggest test (so far) and an important one, as the Steelers are well positioned for a wildcard. But the Broncos 'D' looks just that little bit too good at present. Broncos by 6.
Graham : Denver's D is in great form, and it will have to be again. Close, but those Broncos usually find a way to win. DB 3.
Richard : Broncos by 7
SPLATT : Denver by 8.

CI (2-8, L4) @ SS (1-9, L6) Last time : wk 7, 2003 (10 - 31)
Gerald : Normally I would go for the Hawks, but as of late them just haven't been able to do anything on either side of the ball and I see little changing here. Bengals by 10.
Graham : Two teams having disappointing seasons. After pushing the Browns all the way last week the Bengals look in slightly better form. CI 7.
Richard : Seahawks by 3
SPLATT : Seattle by 7.

WR (8-2, W5) @ CB (4-6, L3) Last time : wk 1, 2003 (38 - 13)
Gerald : The Skins look quite unstoppable at present. But if anyone can stop them, then the Bears have a mighty good chance. Even with a grudge to settle (as the Bears beat them post season), I don't thing it will be as wide open as their last regular season game. But probably the same result. Skins by 3.
Graham : Bears were the most recent team to inflict the traditional playoff trauma on the Skins, so revenge could be in the air. WR 13.
Richard : Skins by 4
SPLATT : Washington by 5.

PE (8-2, W1) @ MV (10-0, W12) Last time : wk 3, 2003 (17 - 13)
Gerald : Two great games this week (the other being the Bills Browns game), with unbeaten records on the line. Both teams are good, but the Vikes have been lucky on a number of occasions and I think this week that luck will run out. Eagles by 7.
Graham : NFC Game of the Week. Eagles D might put a bit of pressure on that Viking D but not sure the Philly offence will be up to the job. MV 7.
Richard : Viking by 7
SPLATT : Minnesota by 8.

DC (3-7, L3) @ NS (1-9, L7) Last time : wk 11, 2003 (14 - 20)
Gerald : The Saints are better then their record shows and now with a new coach, will probably mean a new direction? They could cause a few upsets in the weeks to come. Saints by 10.
Graham : Saints are probably better than their record and now they have a new coach. NS 10.
Richard : Saints by 10
SPLATT : New Orleans by 4.

AC (0-10, L23) @ AF (5-5, L1) Last time : wk 11, 2003 (3 - 14)
Gerald : Now I know I've tipped the Cards to break their duck a number of times this season. But this week isn't one of those times. The Falcs are a good team and are looking good for at least a wildcard and maybe more (depends on what the other do, or don't do). I can't see them blowing it. Falcons by 21.
Graham : Cards don't really look like beating anyone, and they won't beat the Falcons. AF 14.
Richard : Falcons by 7
SPLATT : Atlanta by 9.

DL (2-8, L1) @ SR (7-3, W2) Last time : wk 3, 2003 (6 - 24)
Gerald : They came close last week to upsetting the form book and their 'D' seem to have awaken, but the Rams and especially coach Graham will be just too strong. Though it will probably be another close game. Rams by 6.
Graham : Bruce has given me problems before now and his team are in good form. We'll need to be as professional as we were last week.
Richard : Rams by 3
SPLATT : St Louis by 15.

TB (4-6, W1) @ SF (7-3, W3) Last time : wk 4, 2003 (17 - 34)
Gerald : Tough one to call as both teams are good. But on current form the 49ers have got to be favourites. But they (49ers) have shown in the past that they can fall apart towards the end of the season, but I don't think we're that close to it yet. 49ers by 4.
Graham : Given the nastiness of my closing schedule I could really do with a Buccs win here, but the Niners don't look in the mood to throw this season away like last year. SF 6.
Richard : 49ers by 3
SPLATT : San Francisco by 2

by Graham Canwell (Week 10)  
Offence Kansas City The Chiefs don't have to share the award this week after racking up some more amazing numbers (admittedly against the Seahawks). Surprisingly little offence in the AFC this week (compared to usual anyway) but the Pats deserve a mention after Drew was let loose (at last) on the Fish.
Defence New England Got to grips very quickly with a very useful Dolphin offence. This was the Pats defence we remember from last year . . . and which has so rarely turned up this campaign.
Coach Udowiczenko (NE) Actually got his Gameplan in this week, which usually helps - especially when (like this week) it's a good one. Best of the Rest this week are messrs. Dixon and Ogg.
Offence Tampa Bay Not the Vikes for once, thanks to Bruce's beefy Lions D, but the award remains in the Central as Dave's Buccs had a very good day against the Bears. Minnesota were still pretty damned fine, of course, as were the Niners. We were too, thank God.
Defence Washington OK, it was against the Cards - but it was still pretty awesome. My Rams were MUCH improved on week 10. Eagles and Cowboys both stifled each others offences. So quite a few NFC contenders as usual . . .
Coach D Jones (TB) Has got the Buccs in much better shape than last year. But will another draft push him within touching distance of the Vikings? Bruce deserves a mention for pushing Minnesota so close. He's one of the league's best post-week 8 coaches and one of the worst pre-week 8. Answers on a postcard. Bruce?
  The Diddley Buffalo I'm feeling in a mean mood so Buffalo's 4th quarter comeback against the Jets sneaks them a rather harsh Diddley. Just to annoy Richard before he plays me in week 12. Probably rather unwise . . .  


Gerald to Troy : Welcome back to the fold. You just missed out on coaching the Steelers by four weeks. You can have a quiet word with Mark Dixon if you want? Any idea who else is uncoached?

Gerald to Mark D : You're looking like you've got a shoot at a wildcard this year. Damn, just wish I'd beaten you it would have made things so much easier.

Gerald to Terry, Stuart & Mark D : Watch out watch out the Pats are about! I'm hot on your heels for one of those wildcard places.

Gerald to Paul M : Unlucky. I was really hoping you were going to win, as I think you could have easily filled up the newsletter by yourself.

Gerald to Brucey : That looked a very close game, you seemed to almost have him. I'd say Tim was unlucky not to get the Diddley. But that's just my opinion. Though being the editor I could always change things?

Gerald to SPLATT : Nooooo!!. After doing a sterling job last week tipping us to lose, you've now tipped us to win. Don't you understand English, tip us to lose. You are the Kiss of Death.

Gerald to All : Wot nothing to say?

Gerald to Brucey : I always assumed that you lived in Scotland. Didn't realise that you travelled up from Brum to catch the Claymores games. I think when the Bollocks, sorry Monarchs were still around I missed one home game in London and the odd one when they started moving around the Country, but I think they only did that for one season and then they folded, or were they kicked out? I never did hear what the official reason was.

Coaching Profile


Bruce Henderson
Age 28
Hometown Elgin, Scotland :o)
Lives Birmingham.  
Occupation Analyst Programmer (yep, I get paid to play with computers!).
Teams in Gameplan Only the Lions these days, though, in AB, I previously coached the Bears for a couple of seasons. Spent a few seasons in AK with the Eagles too. I ain't very good, but it's the thought that counts !! (and these days, I'm at least putting a little more thought into it!!!).
Fav Football teams In the NFL, the Philadelphia Eagles. Think I'm still living in the late 80's early 90's with Randall and that wonderful defence. *sigh*. And, of course, there's the Scottish Claymores in NFL Europe. Missed two home games in their first season, but been to every one since. Also made it to Worldbowl 2000 in Frankfurt where they lost by a missed field goal at the end. Go Claymores !

Sporty stuff : American Football (funny, that) in many shapes and forms, computer games, Statis Pro, books, history, the telly, and of course my Claymores Season Ticket!! Also a big fan of F1, and most other motorsports. Actually, if there's sport on the telly, I'll probably watch it.

Internet : spend far too much time building web-related things and generally having no life. Most of my time goes into development of the AB website (surprised ? nah, didn't think so).

Computers : You'd think spending all day sitting at one at work, I'd be fed up by the time I got home? Shucks, I cannae keep away !! Includes lots of reading and stuff. Power is knowledge, after all.

Reading : Mainly Terry Pratchett, Douglas Adams, and Star Wars novels. Just recently getting into real life things... huh? oh, I mean Non-Fiction. I'm intrigued by the Napoleonic period. Oh, and I also have a rather large library of computer books.


As to when the next one will be I don't know, but I assume that there will be one, sometime next year.

As to the venue, as it appears to be shut on the weekends, I don't know if a new pub will be found, or if the Pub Meets will be kept to Fridays only? More on that when I know.

But I gather that this new pub, which isn't too far away was better, as you could hear yourself think? Perhaps one of those who went could write a short report? Assuming that they've recovered enough of their memory?

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Before I sign off, an important message from your Editor, that me that is.

Just to let you know, I'll be in Oz for Christmas and the New Year, which will mean that I will be unable to do a couple of issues of the newsletter. Looking at the calendar, my last issue will be 19.12.01, which is two issues away, which is the week 13 results.

So I will need someone to do the newsletter for week 14, between Christmas and the New Year, with a deadline of the 2nd January 2002 and for week 15, with a deadline of 16th January 2002.

I should be able to do the week 16 newsletter, deadline of the 30 the January 2002? But bearing in mind that that will be the Superbowl (Real Life) weekend and my Birthday, I'm not sure yet. But I thought I would give volunteers time to step forward.

So roll up, roll up, roll up for the chance to write babble and get your name in print.

I'll stand well back as the stampede of coaches rush in to get the power that is the newsletter.

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