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Week 13

by Gerald Udowiczenko

As some of you may be aware, I got engaged last Monday, to Pam. We have been going out for three years this Monday (today), so I thought it was about time I made an honest woman of her.

Though no date has been set yet, we are looking at sometime in 2003. Though I’m sure there will be more developments after Pam has spoken to his Sisters and found out when they are free to come over.

As pointed out by someone (they will remain nameless), this is the reason for the Patriots current lack of form, as I have had a lot on my mind. Should have spoken to Pam a couple of weeks earlier, to give me a shot at the Play-Offs? But as long as the Real, Patriots make it, I don’t really care. It is a stupid game after all… Who care about that little brown envelope anyway….?
Boo hoo boo hoo sniff sniff.

Thanks as always to Graham & Brucey, for this weeks contributions.

Week 12
Name Correct /
Total Pct
Richard   68/83 82
Graham 8/11 105/132 80
Gerald 7/11 105/143 73
SPLATT 9/12 102/144 71
Jon   31/44 71

BB (10-2, L2) @ SS (1-11, L8) Last time : wk 15, 2003 (23 - 7)
Gerald : No contest really. Even though theyíve lost their last two games, the Hawks wonít put up much resistance. Bills by 17.
Graham : Back into the groove for the Bills, who really should wallop the Hawks. BB 17.
SPLATT : Buffalo by 11.

NE (4-8, L2) @ DB (10-2, W6) Last time : wk 9, 2003 (10 - 14)
Gerald : No comment. But maybe, just maybe?
Graham : Games up for the Pats, while for the Broncos points difference is starting to look crucial in the quest for homefield. DB 10.
SPLATT : Denver by 7.

MD (8-4, W2) @ TT (3-9, L1) Last time : wk 1, 2003 (20 - 38)
Gerald : The Fish are looking good for that first wildcard spot and I canít see the Titans being able to do much to stop them. Fish by 10.
Graham : Dolphins are looking a class act now after that dodgy start. Titans looking to next year. MD 7.
SPLATT : Miami by 7.

NY (7-5, L1) @ CL (10-2, L1) Last time : wk 7, 2003 (20 - 23)
Gerald : Well the Jets do seem to have streaks of at least a couple of games, so I canít see it been a good result for them. Browns by 10.
Graham : Jets season has recently suffered almost total meltdown. Still time to put it right, but not ideal opposition . . . CL 13.
SPLATT : Cleveland by 10.

CI (4-8, W2) @ KC (4-7-1, T1) Last time : wk 1, 2003 (19 - 43)
Gerald : Tough call, the Chiefs donít seem to be there at present and the Bengals have strung a couple of wins together. Bengals by 3.
Graham : Could be a shootout, although with KC you never know. Bit of a coin-toss job! KC 1.
SPLATT : Cincinnati by 3.

PS (7-5, W1) @ OR (3-9, L6) Last time : wk 1, 2003 (27 - 20)
Gerald : The Steelers are in with a shout of the last remaining wildcard in the AFC, but with the negative points spread, itís going to be tough. Though not as tough as the Raiders this week, who will be finding their feet. Steelers by 6.
Graham : Steelers looking to secure a wildcard spot, while the Raiders new coach might be experimenting and looking to the draft. PS 10.
SPLATT : Pittsburgh by 5.

WR (10-2, W7) @ SF (9-3, W5) Last time : wk 13, 2003 (38 - 12)
Gerald : Game of the week part one. Both teams have a good run going and will both figure in the post season. The Skins have the ëDí, but if the 49ers are as lucky as last week, then they should just nick it. But Iím Bitter n Twisted. Skins by 28.
Graham : This could be real bone-crunching stuff. Two teams that like to run against two strong defences. Iíll just tip the Skins, but that might be wishful thinking . . . WR 3.
SPLATT : Washington by 4.

PE (9-3, W1) @ SR (9-3, W4) Last time : wk 13, 2003 (17 - 37)
Gerald : Game of the week part two. These two old timers just love to play each other. But the Rams look the more vulnerable this season having lost three game already. (god what a record Graham has if a season with just three losses is bad ( ). Eagles by 3.
Graham : Thatís what I love about this league. Weeks 8 & 10 ‚ two games against Paul Meskill. Week 12 ‚ Richard. And now Jon. Great old rivalries. Great coaches. Great challenge. Great game. If only I could get a great result too . . .
SPLATT : St Louis by 1.

DC (3-9, L5) @ MV (12-0, W14) Last time : wk 15, 2003 (3 - 31)
Gerald : The Vikes Steam Roller continues unabated. Vikes by 17.
Graham : Cruise control for the Vikes as theyíre already gearing up for the playoffs. MV 17.
SPLATT : Minnesota by 12.

AC (0-12, L25) @ CB (4-8, L5) Last time : wk 7, 2003 (8 - 47)
Gerald : Humm. Theyíve got to win sometime? Donít they? Not sure they can this week. Bears by 10.
Graham : A Cards win? No, I donít think so. CH 10.
SPLATT : Chicago by 15.

TB (5-7, W1) @ NS (2-10, L1) Last time : wk 9, 2003 (17 - 24)
Gerald : Both teams are out of the post season so have little to play for. Both teams are better than their records suggest. But what the hell do I know? I though we had a change this season. Buccs by 3.
Graham : Daveís Buccs have made progress since last year. I think Saints will be challengers next season, and I tip them to win here. NS 7.
SPLATT : New Orleans by 3.

DL (2-9-1, T1) @ AF (7-5, W2) Last time : wk 15, 2003 (24 - 17)
Gerald : A must win for Paul as he chases not only a winning record, but post season action. The Lions, well they spend way too much time on Macs & the Internet. Falcons by 10.
Graham : Pressure is on the Falcs, who are still in contention but canít afford to slip up here. They responded well to the challenge last week and I think they will again. AF 6.
SPLATT : Atlanta by 11.

by Graham Canwell (Week 12)  
Offence Denver The Broncos didn’t used to get many offensive Rammys, but that’s changing fast! They absolutely destroyed the Bears defence. Actually AFC offences had a fairly poor week, but then this week they weren’t matched up against their own dodgy defences.
Defence Miami Like the Broncos the Fish rack up a second successive award. The only other real contenders were the Bengals, but they were playing the Cardinals. Enough said.
Coach Carruthers (DB) A magnificent display all round. Honourable mentions to Stuart and Mark Dixon, but it really wasn’t a great week for the AFC.
Offence St. Louis Don’t like giving ourselves awards, but we gained more yards than anyone else and we didn’t commit a turnover. And the opposition was pretty useful. Quite a few good efforts, led by the Niners, Vikings (surprise!) and, yes, even the Lions.
Defence Washington Again. Holding the Browns to just 7 points was pretty damned impressive, and just edged them this award ahead of a great performance from the Falcons against the Jets.
Coach Spence (WR) Has his team steadily improving week by week. Always a good sign at this time of year. Paul Meskill was the runner up here – his was a real must-win game and he came up with the goods.
  The Diddley None I’ve decided not to dish this out this week.
In the spirit of Christmas, you know, and not because I can’t find a worthy contender. Honest (!)


Gerald to Graham : Bar humbug. Its Christmas so we wonít have a Diddley. Youíre going soft in your old age.

Gerald to Gary : Welcome to the league.

Gerald to Richard : Looked a close game? Even closer for homefield.

Gerald to Steve : My mum said if youíve nothing nice to say, say noting.

Gerald to Steve : NOTHING!

Gerald to Paul Meskill : Looks like youíve a battle to get a wildcard, but with luck you should still get a winning record. All the best for that.

Gerald to Mark : I think youíre just going to fail to clinch a wildcard.

Gerald to Dean : Glad to see youíre still with us. I know youíve been doing badly. But wavering you QB isnít going to help? Or maybe it willÖ..?

Graham to Richard : Great game! I hope weíll meet again next year (not even thinking about the possibility this year) but Iíve still got a lot of work to do.

Graham to NFC : Well done guys. I get the feeling those AFC boys like to view us as the weaker conference, but we showed them last week what we can do. Maybe defence can still beat offence.

Graham to Jon : Here we go again. Hereís to another great game.

Graham to Tim : Right now Iím looking for an opportunity to give anyone a Diddley!! (Iíd happily settle for one cos you donít get one for losing!!!). When I get back from the sun after Christmas Iíll probably be in a grumpy mood so it wonít take much to persuade me to dish one out!

Graham to Gerald : Well you didnít give me much help last week. Feel like deporting you to Australia myself !!

The Coming Issues

Next weeks issue (Week 14, between Christmas and the New Year, with a deadline of the 2nd January 2002) is to be penned by Bruce Henderson.
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Brucey does have a postal address but bearing in mind how bad it has been of late it’s probably best to e-mail your stuff to him. If I can get hold of Bruce & confirm his address I will included it.

The issue after that (week 15) will be Jon Heath’s little baby. Which should have a deadline of 16th January 2002.
You can contact Jon on .................

Again Jon does have a postal address, but Bruce will be able to confirm that in his issue.
Graham has told me he doesn’t expect to be able to do any for the next issue (Brucey), as he will barely be back from holiday. But will send a bumper double dose the week after (Jon).

Now I made a bit of a boo boo with the Week 16 newsletter (deadline of the 30th January 2002). The Superbowl isn’t the weekend before, it’s the first Sunday in February. Due to them missing a week earlier on in the season. So if no one has volunteered, then I will do it. But it would be nice to have the whole of January off.


As to when the next one will be I don't know, but I assume that there will be one, sometime next year.

More on that when I know.

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Well I’ll be off in four days time, even less by the time you read this. I’ve got money, presents, shorts & sun cream. What more could I need? Oh yes the Fiancé, how could I forget :o)

Well I’ve written 6 gameplans. Should be interesting to see if it makes a blind bit of difference, writing gameplan in advance? Just hope I can surprise a couple of you.

Anyway, wishing you all the best for the coming year and I hope the best of your past is the worst of your future.

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