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Week 19

by Gerald Udowiczenko

Well who would have thought it, the Vikes went out at the first hurdle? Only Brucey's fresh new face changes the sequence, as three of the same coaches from last seasons Championship Games, return to have another go. Among them the current Superbowl Champions the Browns, who are looking to re-peat. But they will have to get past their old foes the Bills if they're to process to the big one.

While in the NFC, Jon has the prospect of standing in the way of fate. As the Skins keep on winning in the play-offs and wondering why it took them so long to finally win a post season game.

Thanks to Graham, Brucey and one of our newer coaches, Adam for this weeks contributions. As always guys, many thanks.

Championship Games

(13-4, W2) @ (15-2, W5)

Last time : wk 11, 2004 (46 - 16)
Gerald : Well it's a repeat of last seasons Championship Game and after their demolition job of the Bills in week 11. The Browns do look destined to re-peat. But I don't think it will be that easy, as the Browns did look to fall apart slightly towards the end of the season. While the Bills had a good run into the post season and finished with the best record in the AFC. They also have a good streak going. But that could mean very little, as the Browns have proven that come the big games, they can be very hard to beat. I don't think Richard will get revenge for last season, but it will be close. Browns by 2.
SPLATT : Buffalo by 1.

(14-4, W2) @ (13-4, W2)

Last time : wk 16, 2004 (6 -17)
Gerald : These two team just love playing each other, but have yet to meet in the post season. Mainly due to the Skins jinx, which now has finally been broken. The Eagles have the edge, as they've won the series this year, by a combined score of 33 - 9. But the Skins are coming off beating the leagues only unbeaten team and their moral will be very high, as will the Eagles who demolished the Rams last week. This should be one hell of a game, as long as the Skins don't fail apart as they did both times during the regular season? But they just look destined to beat that jinx with a vengeance. Skins by 3.
SPLATT : Washington by 6.

Divisional Bowl

DB (12-5, L1) @ MV (16-1, L1)
Gerald : team will really care about this game, after the disappointment of last week. But the greater disappointment will probably be that of the Vikes, whose unbeaten record meant very little in the end. They will be just too strong and out for revenge against anyone. Vikes by 14.

NJ (11-7, L1) @ SR (11-6, L1)
Gerald : Again neither team will really put much effort into this, so I'll go with the AFC to win it. Jets by 10.

Silver Bowl

PS (12-6, W2) @ MD (11-7, W1)
Gerald : Well for a team that doesn't care about the Con Bowl, the Steelers are doing very well and after last weeks shut-out, they could go on to win the Silver Bowl? But the Fish still look a very tasty team and this will be close, but in the end, I think the Steelers will just edge it. Steelers by 1.

DL (6-11-1, W3) @ CB (8-10, W2)
Gerald : Well if the Bears can get great returns as they did last week, then the Lions will struggle. But they've got too good a defensive unit to let that happen. The real question is whether their 'O' turns up? Lions by 3.

Bronze Bowl

TT (4-13, W1) @ DC (5-13, W1)
Gerald : wins for both teams last week. The Cowboys look the stronger team and should just shave it. Cowboys by 2.

KC (11-6, W4) @ CI (6-11-1, W1)
Gerald : The Chiefs just snuck a win last week, despite gaining few 1st downs, but won the turnover battle. They will have to do the same again this week against the Bengals, who deservedly won the Offensive Rammy last week. This game looks like a battle of yards and who can stay turnover free. Bengals by 7.


Gerald :'t see the Cards breaking their duck yet. Hawks by 10.

Gerald : After last weeks shut-out I don't think the Saints will be able to bounce back, especially if the Raiders wake up. Raiders by 10.

Gerald : A bad game last week for the 49ers, which won't improve this week, as the Buccs look like they can move the ball well. Buccs by 10.

Gerald : Pointless - No comment.

by Graham Canwell (Week 18)  

Offence Philadelphia Excelled all round en route to a thumping great win and thoroughly deserve this award. Bills and Browns racked up a lot of yards but committed 4 and 6 turnovers respectively.
Defence Clevelend The Browns' offence might have given up those 6 turnovers but they still won the game thanks to he D forcing 5 of their own and shutting down the previously on-fire attack of the Jets.
Coach Spence (WR) Now he's found out how to win in the playoffs is there any stopping him? Against the odds, the only road winner in the divisional games and all against a 16-0 team. No competition.

Offence Cincinnati A neck-and-neck battle with the Bears for this Rammy but in the end the Bengals get it because I'm a sucker for balance - 216 yards passing, 231 rushing, 31 first downs, 1 award.
Defence Miami Made it another miserable week for the 49ers offence, forcing 6 turnovers into the bargain. An honourable mention to those perennial contenders the Lions D, as they bailed out their offence yet again.
Coach Guard (MD) An all-round excellent performance. Taking out his frustration at that wildcard defeat maybe?
  The Diddley Washington Detroit were a bit Diddleyish, as were the Chiefs, but the Redskins pulled it off in the playoffs proper and so get this weeks gong.  


Gerald to Paul S : Well done. Could this be your year? Just got to get past the Eagles, which is never an easy thing. But so far, luck, fate, whatever you what to call it (Diddleyism?) seems to be with you. All the best and well done on (so far) breaking that jinx with style.

Gerald to Paul Mes : Well Paul we haven't played each other for quite a while. But I'm guessing nether of us really cares. Good luck for next season, you almost got there.

Gerald to Julian : Confident of the re-peat are you?

Gerald to Tim : Commiserations. It just seems that going unbeaten during the regular season is also a bit of a jinx?

Gerald to Paul Mac : Humm. Not a great game. Though the scoreline was a bit harsh. It was those damned punt returns that killed me. If my punter keeps that up, I'm going to give him the boot.

Gerald to Brucey : Yeah. But I get some extra training in for next season this way and anyway, let see how far you go with no offence?

Gerald to Brucey : Looks like we've a difference of opinions on which Superbowl it is? By my records it's Only Superbowl XVI. So which of us is correct (Jon, Ian can you help?)?

Gerald to All : Just to warn you that FA # 100 (8 year QB) is Drew. So you might want to avoid him?

Gerald to Paul S : You should have told me you were on the look out for a QB, I would have let you have Drew. Or at least warned you about his appearance on the list. But perhaps not taking him was the wiser choice? Only time will tell.

Graham to Jon : Congratulations. Great performance. Good luck.

Graham to Paul S : Sounds a bit Irish after wishing best of luck to Jon, but the same to you. Makes me wonder you lost all those previous playoff games! Well done.

Graham to Tim : My sympathies. I know how you must feel!!! It can be a cruel game.

Brucey to SPLATT : Against all the odds, you predicted the Redskins to beat the 16-0 Vikings. That's maths for ya. Keep up the good work !

Brucey to Paul S : Are you feeling alright? It's just that you seem to be doing better than normal. I hope this isn't the last time we see you in the playoffs :o)

Brucey to Tim : You woz robbed. Or is it the fact that no-one is ever going to go all the way ? Nevermind, you can whip my ass twice next season to make yourself feel better.

Brucey to Tim : You want your money back from that Saints wager ?

Brucey to Paul Mac : If I'm going to lose, it may as well be to my old team...

Brucey to Gerald : You made it into pre-season early this year :o)

Brucey to All : Wondering what the percentage of coaches use email now ? (GM would know, but I doubt GM would tell ;-)

Brucey to NFC Playoff Teams : May the best NFC East team win !

Coaches Corner
by Adam Thorn

Hi folks! Coach Thorn of the Raiders here! Really pleased to be part of AB and looking forward to the new season. I've had a quick browse of Brucey's site, and the Raiders have been languishing for far too long, it would appear, having finished bottom of the AFC West for the last seven seasons, I think. Time for a massive shake-up, methinks.

The roster is in pretty good shape, and I'll be interested to see how it matches up against other teams. I've heard that rosters are, on the whole, pretty big in AB anyway, so maybe mine is nothing to write home about. Highlights are an awesome secondary and an excellent, albeit inexperienced, quartet of receivers. I've yet to decide whether we'll be playing 3-4 or 4-3 on defence, although I'm leaning slightly towards the latter. A lot will depend on who we get in the third round of the draft.

Finally, good luck to the remaining Superbowl contenders, and here's to hoping that the Raiders can be there or thereabouts next season!

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Well that's all for this week, good luck to the final four contenders for Superbowl XVI.

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