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Week 11

by Gerald Udowiczenko

Just finished listening to the Patriots Jets game and we look (well sound really as I don't have SKY) on fire. We slapped the Steelers in week one and kept the Jets to only one first down until late in the third quarter, by which time the game was all over. But enough gloating about the real game.

Last week was a bit of a mixed back for us. We lost a close game to the Bills, which if we had won, would have left us clear by a game in the AFC East. But the lose does mean we now have enough LPs to examine the Free Agency market.

Thanks to Stuart, Darren, Graham, Brucey & Mark for this weeks contributions.

Week 10
Name Correct /
Total Pct
Darren 7/11 51/66 77
SPLATT 10/12 86/120 72
Gerald 8/11 77/110 70
Jon   21/22 96
Richard   9/12 75

BB (8-3, W2) @ CL (10-1, W5) Last time : wk 11, 2004 (18 - 46)
Gerald : Tough game for both coaches and I really can't see the Bills being able to surprise the Browns and nick the win. Browns by 3.
Graham : CL by 7.
Darren : Browns by 1.
SPLATT : Cleveland by 3.

MD (7-4, L1) @ PS (8-3, W3) Last time : wk 4, 2004 (30 - 17)
Gerald : After last weeks disappointment, the Fish will want to find their wining way as soon as possible and with the turmoil in Pittsburgh (see Coaches Corner on page 2 for more details), I think they have a real chance. Fish by 7.
Graham : PS by 6.
Darren :
Dolphins by 1.
SPLATT : Pittsburgh by 2.

NY (6-5, W3) @ SS (1-10, W1) Last time : wk 1, 2004 (30 - 17)
Gerald : After a great win last week, the Jets have kept their slim play-off dreams alive. The Hawks also had a great win. (well maybe not great, but they got their first win of the season), but the Jets will be too strong for them to keep their streak going. Jets by 10.
Graham :
NJ by 7.
Darren : Jets by 13.
SPLATT : New York by 6.

NE (8-3, L1) @ OR (3-8, L4) Last time : wk 4, 2004 (36 - 8)
Gerald : No Comment.
Graham : NE by 10.
Darren : Patriots by 9.
New England by 11.

CI (1-10, L7) @ SD (7-4, W1) Last time : wk 3, 2004 (14 - 44)
Gerald : The Chargers had an important win last week over divisional rivals, which will probably now see them wining the AFC West, especially if they can beat the Bengals? Which I think they can. Chargers by 10.
Graham : SD by 14.
Darren : Chargers by 10.
SPLATT : San Diego by 6.

TT (6-5, L3) @ KC (2-9, L2) Last time : wk 9, 2004 (49 - 39)
Gerald : The Chiefs will be wondering what happened last week, as they failed to do much until it was really too late. That loss probably means their season is over, as they are now 4 games behind the divisional leaders. Though they still have a slim chance of the division, but they must win this week. The Titans are in a slightly better situation, as they are only 2 games behind a wildcard. So they also need the win. On current form, I've got to go with the Titans. Titans by 7.
Graham : TN by 3.
Darren : No Comment.
Tennessee by 13.

PE (7-4, W3) @ MV (7-4, W4) Last time : wk 11, 2004 (17 - 27)
Gerald : A game both teams need to win and even though the Eagles had a record shut-out last week, it was against the Cards. This week will be an entirely different prospect, not just because their opponents are the Vikings, but it could be the Vikings of old. As they do seem to have found their form of last season. Tough one to call, but I think homefield , will just be the difference. Vikings by 3.
Graham : MV by 6.
Darren : Vikings by 1.
SPLATT : Minnesota by 7.

WR (7-4, L2) @ TB (0-11, L11) Last time : wk 9, 2004 (26 - 10)
Gerald : The Skins seem to have lost their defensive edge of late, which has been costly, as the NFC East is really heating up. But this weeks opponents are unlikely to put up much of a challenge and might just be what the Redskins 'D' need to remembered how to play? Skins by 17.
Graham : WR by 10.
Darren : Redskins by 17.
SPLATT : Washington by 8.

DC (5-6, W2) @ AF (5-6, L1) Last time : wk 3, 2004 (17 - 20)
Gerald : A fantastic results for the Boyz last week, means they are now within a game of the division and only a couple of games off a wildcard. So a win this week will really turn up the heat in the East. The Falcons on the other hand are struggling for a wildcard and just don't seem to have much luck of late. I can't see this week being any different. Boyz by 7.
Graham : DC by 7.
Darren : Cowboys by 7.
SPLATT : Dallas by 7.

AC (0-11, L39) @ NS (10-1, W1) Last time : wk 3, 2004 (9 - 24)
Gerald : Humm not much I can say, other than can the Saints bet the record set by the Eagles last week? I don't think so, but it will be close. Saints by 35.
Graham : NS by 28.
Darren :
Saints by 28.
SPLATT : New Orleans by 20.

CB (9-2, W8) @ SR (4-7, L1) Last time : wk 4, 2004 (7 - 41)
Gerald : If they win their remaining 6 games, they have a shot at a wildcard, but that would mean a lot of other teams totally falling apart, which I can see. They showed some signs of their old form last week against the Saints with a 4th quarter rally. But at present, they just don't seem the team of old. The Bears on the other hand are on a nice roll and I can't see them slipping up. Bears by 14.
Graham : CH by 10.
Darren : Bears by 14.
Chicago by 8.

DL (6-5, L3) @ SF (5-6, W1) Last time : wk 3, 2004 (7 - 9)
Gerald : Both teams still have a shot at a wildcard, as both are too far behind their respective divisional leaders. So a loss here is probably the end of the road. Tough one to call, but I'll go with the Lions, but only just. Lions by 1.
Graham : SF by 6.
Darren : 49ers by 1.
SPLATT : San Francisco by 6.

by Graham Canwell (Week 10)  
Offence Cleveland Patriots got heaps of yards again but committed four turnovers and lost. Chiefs got a lot of yards but again not enough points and also lost. Steelers were playing the Bengals, which tends to count against you in Rammyland. That leaves the Browns as worthy winners, who racked up 30 points on the road against the Titans.
Defence NY Jets A few contenders, but the Jets get the gong for their achievement in holding the in-form Dolphins to a mere 6 points. Also worth a mention were the Steelers - but still against the Bengals, sadly.
Coach Purrington (NY) A defeat would have pretty much left the Jets out of the playoff hunt, but they're still hanging in there after this week's sensational demolition of the Dolphins.
Offence Dallas For the second week running the Cowboys take the offensive award. OK, they had some help from the special teams and D but to score 48 points against the 'Skins is a terrific effort.
Defence Minnesota Never a week goes by these days without the Vikings collecting some sort of Rammy and this week it's the defensive award, thanks to their stifling of the sliding Lions. The Eagles and Bears unsurprisingly did great things in their rematches against those winless teams.
Coach Appleby (DC) Tim had a crack at a fourth straight coaching Rammy but Richard's thumping of Washington was just that little bit more impressive as the Cowboys put themselves firmly in the (admittedly a bit mediocre this year) NFC East title race.
  The Diddley Buffalo Feeling bitter and twisted I really, really wanted to give this to those damned Saints, but was reluctantly forced to admit that the Bills (outgained by about 200 yards and not even winning the turnover battle) deserved it more..  


Gerald to Richard : Thanks for the LPs.

Gerald to Terry : Nice win last week to keep it nice and tight in the division.

Gerald to Mark D : Sorry to see you go. Looks like Bruceys digs finally got to you? :o)

Gerald to Jon : Nice one, beat my record of earlier on this season,

Gerald to Richard : Looks like you're trying to follow suit and make both the AFC & NFC East, Divisions of Death :o)


The Dolphins
by Stuart Guard

Some days this job is frustrating, no some weeks this job is frustrating, okay you got me, this job is just bloody frustrating. Going into week 8 we ranked 2nd in offence, and 14th in defence, and then coming out of week 10 we ranked 2nd in offence and 6th in defence, hehe we must be getting better.

Ermmm well as is always the case the only statistics that count are the ones in the win column. Yes in those three games we've managed to win just two games, and what's worse lost to the Jets twice. I mean one is something but did we learn nothing? Well actually yes we did, so we stopped them running, restricted their number of first down, and time on the ball, pretty good eh? Errrrr no again, we managed to lose by a massive margin.

It seems this week it was due to some rather timely fumbles, and the lack of passing plays to be completed for massive yardage against extreme run defences, whatever it was it's another loss. That means we're now 7-3, and can only be thankful for the Bills and Pats sharing their series to leave us just a game back. This week we face the Steelers though in a wildcard showdown, and lets just say we're not in the form of our life. Could it be that despite the good start to the season the bubble has well and truly burst, well the next few games will show. The only guarantee is that's we won't be picking first in the draft, so if it goes wrong, won't even have that to look forward to, frustrating or what.

The Dolphins really have their work cut out now and need to win games ahead against the Bills and Pats, which will be a real challenge. Did I mention the frustrating thing yet?


The Steelers

ust as we were going to press the news desk heard that something big was happening in Pittsburgh.

[Questions from the floor]

Floor - Coach! Are the rumours that you are standing down true?

Coach Dixon - Yes

Floor - But why? The Steelers are 7-3 and right in the middle of a tight fight for a playoff spot!

Coach Dixon - I know the timing sucks, the guys here know what the story is and that's all that matters, as long as they stick to the program then they'll still make it, despite a tough second half to the schedule. We have a great group of players here and it breaks my heart to have to leave them, but personal considerations have to come first!

Floor - Is it also true that you've had to give up coaching jobs in alternate dimensions?

Coach Dixon - Yes, due to the nature of my involvement in pan dimensional football, the aforementioned personal considerations (which I don't want to go into here) have forced me to relinquish my position as coach in other leagues too. A full list is available from the press office.

Floor - Well good luck in all that you do in the future coach is it possible that you will return to AB?

Coach Dixon - Well thank you! And yes it is possible that if the issues that have caused my resignation are resolved that I could come back. I've had a long talk with the owner and at the moment the door is left wide open for me to return, but tomorrow is another day and the owner might feel that he has to bring a new man in to help with the push for the playoffs. I certainly won't be back in the short term, so circumstances may change.
Thank you ladies and Gentlemen, that is all!

[Coach Dixon is seen getting into a battered 1993 Vaxhall and leaving in a plume of engine parts...]


Kansas City0101011282015104=
New England121123141113245=110=
New York10112112=1081817=-315
San Diego10142415=4141817=-619
New Orleans613199=1915341151
Tampa Bay12132518=11102112=-416
St Louis121729221212245=-517=
San Francisco161733249132210=-1121


Half a Brain
(Or History of NFL Team Nicknames)

In a 1975 contest, Seattle's expansion franchise received 20,365 entries, extolling 1,741 different names. Seahawks, a name denoting the city's link to the sea, was on 151 ballots.
Pittsburgh's professional football team (founded in 1933) was, like its baseball neighbors, initially dubbed the Pirates. In 1940, owner Art Rooney changed the name to Steelers, reflecting the city's ties to the steel industry. The name was allegedly suggested by the wife of the team's ticket manager.


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