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Week 13

by Gerald Udowiczenko

Well I knew we had a game on our hands last week, when on our first play we got intercepted and the ball was returned to the 4 yard line and then in our next drive the QB fumbled the ball and the Saints got the ball on our 24 yard line. But at least we put up a fight and if we had got that onside kick who knows.....

But at least were still in the running, I've just got to hope that the Bills slip up so I can nick the divisional crown. As do the Jets & Dolphins, so I can have some breathing space. It's really looking like all four teams are going to finish with winning records.

Well enough about what could have been and how lucky the Saint were and onto the newsletter. Don't want to bore you lot before you get to the good stuff. Yes indeed there's plenty of it this week, thanks to Darren, Graham, Brucey & Jon.

Week 12
Name Correct /
Total Pct
Jon 8/11 29/33 88
Darren 7/11 65/89 73
SPLATT 9/12 103/144 72
Gerald 7/11 91/132 69
Graham 8/12 16/24 67
Richard   9/12 75

BB (9-3, W1) @ KC (2-10, L4) Last time : wk 4, 2004 (37 - 3)
Gerald : Well I could do with the Chiefs doing me a huge favour, but I just can't see it. Bills by 10.
Graham :
BB by 17.
Darren : Bills by 20.
Buffalo by 14.

MD (7-5, L3) @ SD (8-4, W3) Last time : wk 1, 2004 (27 - 33)
Gerald : Last weeks surprise win has given the Chargers the division, so there is little to play for here, other than to keep that winning streak going and those form gains. The Fish as of late have looked tired and are on the slippery slope down, so this is a very important game for them (Fish) to win. Which they just will. Fish by 2.
Graham :
SD by 3.
Darren : Chargers by 1.
Miami by 3.

NY (7-5, W5) @ PS (8-4, L1) Last time : wk 7, 2004 (21 - 24)
Gerald : Well the Jets have pulled themselves up into the running for a possible wildcard and are keeping the pressure up in the East. The Steelers at present have a wildcard, but with so many other teams nipping at their heels, they could be in danger of missing out. Added to that they are coachless, should mean the Jets overtake them for a wildcard, but only just. Jets by 3 OT.
Graham : NJ by 6.
Darren : Jets by 3.
SPLATT : Pittsburgh by 4.

NE (8-4, L1) @ CL (11-1, W7) Last time : wk 3, 2004 (12 - 35)
Gerald : No comment.
Graham : CL by 6.
Darren : Browns by 6.
SPLATT : Cleveland by 10.

CI (1-11, L9) @ OR (3-9, L6) Last time : wk 15, 2004 (31 - 24)
Gerald : Well someone has got to break their losing streak and the most likely candidate is the Bunglas, which will unfortunately hurt their draft pick. Bengals by 3.
Graham : OA by 10.
Darren : Raiders by 4.
SPLATT : Oakland by 4.

TT (7-5, W2) @ SS (1-11, L2) Last time : wk 4, 2004 (10 - 13)
Gerald : The Titans have a slim chance of a wildcard, but it is a chance. So they will be all out to win this game as quickly as possible. Which might leave them open to a late scare? But they should have enough to win it. Titans by 9.
Graham : TN by 17.
Darren : No Comment.
SPLATT : Tennessee by 12.

PE (7-5, L1) @ SF (6-6, W1) Last time : wk 15, 2004 (7 - 16)
Gerald : After a disastrous first quarter in Cleveland last week, the Eagles started to come back into the game, late on. But they were always going to be too far behind, to have any real chance. So they will want to make amends this week and keep ahead of the baying pack for a wildcard and keep the pressure up on the Skins and hope they falter in their last four games. However their opponents, won't be that easy and the game will probably come down to the wire. But I think the Eagles should just sneak it, but only just. Eagles by 3.
Graham : PE by 7.
Darren :
Eagles by 7.
Philadelphia by 14.

WR (8-4, W2) @ SR (4-8, L1) Last time : wk 15, 2004 (14 - 24)
Gerald : Well in days past this would have been a fantastic game, alias the Rams are a shadow of their former self's and I really can't see them putting up much of a fight, especially as the Skins seems to have found an offence. Skins by 10.
Graham : WR by 10.
Darren : Redskins by 10.
SPLATT : St Louis by 3.

DC (6-6, W1) @ TB (1-11, W1) Last time : wk 7, 2004 (21 - 18)
Gerald : The Boyz have a shot at a wildcard and are within a few games of the division, but in all honesty I don't think they'll get either. But they must keep winning every game from now on and hope others slip up, as it's still not over for them. Whereas for the Buccs their season is well and truly over and they're looking at the draft. Boyz by 10.
Graham : DC by 14.
Darren :
Cowboys by 20.
SPLATT : Dallas by 5.

AC (0-12, L41) @ MV (7-5, L2) Last time : wk 15, 2004 (11 - 31)
Gerald : After a bad couple of losses for the Vikes this is just what the Doctor ordered, a game against the Cards. While the Cards didn't play badly last week, they are really going to struggle to contain that Vikes 'O' and sad to say it will be a slaughter. Vikes by 35.
Graham : MV by 24.
Darren : Vikings by 28.
SPLATT : Minnesota by 17.

CB (10-2, W1) @ NS (11-1, W3) Last time : wk 1, 2004 (24 - 21)
Gerald : After last weeks results, the Bears probably have the division sown up, but a win this week will ensure it. However in order to do that they have to beat the Saints (who already have their divisional title) and that's no mean feat. Both teams have an impressive offensive, but its 'D' that will win this game and that where the Bears will win it I think. As we have the battle of the No.1 passing attack (Saints) vs the No.1 passing 'D' (Bears). Game of the Week without a doubt. Bears by 3.
Graham : NS by 3.
Darren : Bears by 1.
SPLATT : New Orleans by 7.

DL (7-5, W2) @ AF (5-7, L1) Last time : wk 13, 2004 (23 - 26 OT)
Gerald : Both need the win and at this stage of the season that's true for most teams. The Lions are just off the pace (wildcards) by a few points, so will want not only to win, but win big. As for the Falcs they'll just want a win however it comes. I think the Lions 'D' will be too strong for the Falcs, which will probably mean the end of their (Falcons) season? Lions by 4.
Graham : DL by 1.
Darren : Lions by 4.
SPLATT : Detroit by 8.

by Graham Canwell (Week 12)  
Offence Cleveland Against the rather decent Philly defence, so definitely no arguments with this one (I hope!). Pats were great too, but unluckily just came up short (in both the game and the race for this award).
Defence San Diego Gave up a lot of yards but forced five turnovers to hold the Vikings to a mere 13 points and secure the AFC West title (mind you, the second place team is 3-9!!). A mention to the Jets too, for shutting out the Falcons.
Coach Gorner (SD) A bit of a toss-up between Paul and Julian but in the end, on what I confess is a totally un-scientific basis (award-giver's privilege!) I opted for Paul because . . . wait for it . . . Julian won it last week. Clearly Kurt isn't the only one in St. Louis who makes crap decisions these days . . .
Offence Washington Because a) the Skins aren't primarily known for their offence and b) the Steelers have a well-respected defensive unit. Honourable mention this week to the Niners - the Bears and 'Boys were playing the Bengals and Seahawks, which kind of counts against you I'm afraid.
Defence Philadelphia NFC teams tended to win with offence this
week (which is rather unusual in itself) so,
even though it was against the Bengals, the Cowboys find themselves walking away with
the gong.
Coach Gamble (SF) The Niners have been inconsistent this year but this week they turned it on to defeat the Dolphins and squeeze out Paul's Redskins for the coaching award.
  The Diddley Tampa Bay Finally got a first win so it's a bit harsh to get a Diddley too, but they were outgained 396-268 in yardage and lost the turnover battle. The Lions had a crack at this but they failed to lose the turnover battle, a factor which also spoilt what on the face of it was a fairly promising effort by the Chargers.  


Gerald to Paul (Goz) : Well done on winning the division and a great result against the Vikes.

Gerald to Graham : Give Warner to me. I'll happily break his damned figures. I needed you to win!!

Gerald to Troy : Well that sure was close. If I hadn't gifted you 14 points in the first four minutes I think I would have had the game? But alias it wasn't to be. But at least I was able to score the second highest number of points against you so far this season. Here's hoping we meet again in the Superbowl so that I can get my revenge.

Gerald to Julian : Here's to a good game and hopefully this time I'll be able to actually score some TDs? :o)

Gerald to Jon : Another poor performance from Randy. What's wrong with the man, anyone would think he was scared? :o)

Gerald to Mike : Welcome to the league. Fancy doing a Coaching Profile for us for the next issue?

Gerald to Brucey : Golly, 3 passing TDs. Have you ever done that before? :o)

Graham to All : Warner Watch - 4 interceptions in 37 attempts this week got Kurt's interception percentage above 7 (the league's next worst is 5.2!!), which would appear to be his goal for the season. Now if only someone could break his finger . . .


The Eagles
by Jon Heath

That last game was awful. An abject failure to prevent the Browns from moving the ball. Halfway through the 2nd I was 28-0 down having been hit by some big plays from the start. One (the only one) plus was the way the team came back from there to 28-23 down, but then the Browns put the game away with some ease. A measure of how bad it was is that I've dropped from 4th to 9th in the defensive rankings on the back of that. It doesn't bode well for me, with games against the Skins, Cowboys, Rams (despite their record) and 49ers to come!


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