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Week 16

by Gerald Udowiczenko

Thanks to Graham & Brucey for their invaluable contributions this week.

Sorry no time to complete the final standings for the regular season. They will appear next issue.


MD (8-7, W1) @ BB (11-4, L1) Last time : wk 5, 2005 (38 - 31)
Gerald : This will be a tough game for both coaches. The Bills need the win to ensure they win the Division, while the Fish would finish with an even record if they were to upset the form book, not to mention give us a chance of nicking the Division from the Bills. So I think an upset (of sorts, as the Fish were spectacular in the first half of the season) is on the cards. Fish by 3.
Graham : BB by 6.
SPLATT : Buffalo by 10.

NE (10-5, W2) @ NY (8-7, W1) Last time : wk 5, 2005 (17 - 14)
Gerald : No comment.
Graham : NJ by 3.
SPLATT : New England by 1.

PS (9-6, L2) @ CL (13-2, L1) Last time : wk 5, 2005 (23 - 14)
Gerald : Nothing to play for, for the Browns as they have homefield. But again I think an upset is on the books. Steelers by 1.
Graham : CL by 13.
SPLATT : Cleveland by 9.

TT (9-6, L1) @ CI (2-13, W1) Last time : wk 5, 2005 (26 - 7)
Gerald : After last weeks surprise loss the Titans will be back on track. Titans by 10.
Graham : TN by 7.
SPLATT : Tennessee by 12.

KC (2-13, L7) @ SD (11-4, W6) Last time : wk 5, 2005 (11 - 14)
Gerald : Another season the Chiefs will want to forget. Chargers by 10.
Graham : SD by 10.
SPLATT : San Diego by 12.

OR (6-9, W3) @ SS (1-14, L5) Last time : wk 5, 2005 (41 - 14)
Gerald : A good win this week, coupled with last weeks surprise, could make the Raiders a Dark Horse for the Con Bowls. Raiders by 14.
Graham : OA by 10.
SPLATT : Oakland by 11.

WR (9-6, L1) @ PE (8-7, L2) Last time : wk 5, 2005 (14 - 10)
Gerald : Both need the win and will be hoping for the Cards to do them both a favour. But even a loss might not be the end of the world for either team, as they could still get a Wildcard. This (as always) is Game of the Week and its going to be a hard fought battle. Both coaches know each others standard Gameplans, so it will be a case of catching the other out, or just that one lucky break. Eagles by 1.
Graham : PE by 1.
SPLATT : Philadelphia by 10.

AC (0-15, L44) @ DC (9-6, W4) Last time : wk 5, 2005 (0 - 31)
Gerald : Sad to say, I think the Cards will finish their second straight season winless, as the Boyz should be too strong for them. But this could just be what they've been waiting for? A chance to shine. Boyz by 9.
Graham : DC by 28.
SPLATT : Dallas by 16.

TB (2-13, W1) @ MV (8-7, L2) Last time : wk 5, 2005 (6 - 33)
Gerald : A win is a must for the Vikes as they chase a Wildcard. But they must also rely on others to ensure they have some post-season action. Vikes by 21.
Graham : MV by 17.
SPLATT : Minnesota by 17.

DL (8-7, L1) @ CB (12-3, W2) Last time : wk 5, 2005 (7 - 30)
Gerald : The Bears can't get homefield, so have little to play for other then keeping their winning streak going into the post-season. While the Lions are another team that need the win and help from others. If Brucey can find his form of the start of the season then they have a real chance. And I think they've got a real chance. Lions by 3 (OT).
Graham : CH by 10.
SPLATT : Chicago by 4.

SF (7-8, W1) @ SR (7-8, W3) Last time : wk 5, 2005 (27 - 24)
Gerald : Well the Rams seem to have found some form coming into the second half of the season. Which could spell a good run in the Con Bowls? But first they have to overcome the 49ers who after last weeks game, also seem a good bet for some good football come the post-season. But I think the Rams will get revenge for their last encounter. Rams by 3.
Graham : SF by 1.
SPLATT : St Louis by 9.

NS (14-1, W6) @ AF (6-9, L2) Last time : wk 5, 2005 (41 - 13)
Gerald : With neither team having anything to play for this should go to form. Saints by 17.
Graham : NS by 14.
SPLATT : New Orleans by 11.

by Graham Canwell (Week 15)  
Offence New York It isn't every day that a team throwing 4 interceptions gets an offensive Rammy, but given that the Jets managed 459 yards, 30 first downs and 35 points against the AFC's best team there can't be much doubt they were worthy winners.
Defence New England I was on the brink of giving this to the Chargers, who held the Bills to a lone touchdown. But they gave up almost 400 yards, only forced one turnover and only made the Bills punt five times. Which leads me to suspect that their special teams played a big part by giving Buffalo some hideous field position. Pats were great anyway, so they deserve the gong.
Coach Purrington (NY) Because not many teams beat the Browns, especially by 14 points. Paul and Gerald were the best of the rest, with excellent wins (in Gerald's case a crucial one).
Offence San Francisco A electrifying performance to win a very un-NFC shootout in Washington. Well over 500 yards and only one turnover committed. It had to be a great performance to outdo the Cowboys, whose offence is on fire and rolled over the Vikings just one week after pouring it on against Philly.
Defence St. Louis This is all getting very mysterious. Someone (aliens???) has clearly abducted my defence and replaced them with guys who can actually play. Only allowed the Philly offence inside our 20 on one play, and on that play they forced a fumble. Creepy stuff.
Shame they didn't do it early enough to save our season...
Coach Appleby (DC) Demolished the Vikings to virtually wrap up the NFC East title (because they are NOT going to lose to Arizona!!!). When the heat was on Richard has been able to get his team to rise to the occasion while the Redskins and Eagles have slipped up and let the Cowboys sneak past.
  The Diddley Tampa Bay You shouldn't really be outgained by the Cards (yes, the Cards!) AND lose the turnover battle. To do so and still manage to sneak a win is really rubbing it in a bit. Have a Diddley!  


Gerald to AFC East : Boy what a tough season. We could finish with no team having a losing record, which really would be an achievement.

Gerald to Terry : All the best for our game. Unfortunately I really need the win, as I have a slim chance of the division. So I can't give you the win to give the Division a chance of no one having a losing record. Which really would be something.

Gerald to Stuart : Come on my Son!!!!

Gerald to Stuart : So is Fiedler the future of the Dolphins? Humm He's too young.

Gerald to Paul G : Many thanks for giving us a slim chance of the AFC East Title.

Gerald to Graham : I think you might have left things a little late. But I bet you're having fun upsetting the formbook? :o)

Gerald to Jon : Yet again, its you verses the Skins in a winning takes all contest. But this time it looks like you're battling for a wildcard, rather than the Division.

Gerald to Paul S : As above, just swap Skins for Eagles.

Gerald to APPLE : Well done on coming from behind to surprise us all. Especially Jon & Paul. Good luck.

Gerald to Dean : Come on !!!! You can do it and break that losing streak.

Gerald to Brucey : Well I think you've blown your first real chance of post-season action. But hopefully you've learnt from your mistakes.... ? Write Gameplans on long train journeys = Win Game :o)

Graham to Jon : OK, you were right. But how was I to know we wouldn't throw ANY interceptions at all. Possibly a season's first.

Graham to Gerald : Still hoping to play me next season or do you now have your sights set a little higher?

End of Season Awards

Well it's that time of year again, to vote for the best and worst of NFLAB. I'd like to get these results in the 2006 Pre-Season issue, along with the Superbowl review. So that gives you five weeks to get your votes in. Remember you can't vote for yourself, except for the last three categories.

Last season winners are in brackets.


Best Offence (Vikings)

Best Defence (Lions)

Best Team (Vikings)

Best Coach (Whitfield - MV)

Best Rookie Coach (Dixon - PS)

Most Improved Team (Vikings & Saints)

Most disappointing team (Patriots)

Worst team (Cardinals)

Most Hated Coach (Graham Canwell)

While it might seem a little strange that you can vote for yourself as Most Hated, some people need this award. Especially as they're going to win little else this season. :o)


Web Sites

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Well all the best to those teams still battling for Wildcards and Division Titles. This has been once close season and I can see in quite a few cases things being decided by points difference, so perhaps we'll see lots of high scoring games?

And finally it's the one thing we all look forward to come Week 16. Retirements, reductions and step losses, or the End of Season Lottery (ESL), as I like to call it. I have no idea how we'll do, as in the past I have expected to be hit hard and have been lucky and visa versa. So I'm not going to tempt Fate. But I do know there are quite a few teams out there with old players who are dreading the visit of the Grim Reaper.

So good luck to you all. Though less luck in some cases, as I think the Division of Death could do with some breaks next season and obviously I don't want to suffer.

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