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Week 18

by Gerald Udowiczenko

The contents of this newsletter were taken from parts of the week 19 issue.


by Graham Canwell (Week 17)  

Offence Philadelphia Philly's offence has had its problems over recent weeks but Randy & Co showed the ability to raise their game when they have to as they opened it out against the Vikes. The other wildcard winners, the Pats, were their usual excellent selves offensively
Defence Philadelphia Easily the best defensive performance of wildcard week also came from Philly, though this was less of a shock as their D has a long history of excellence.
Coach Heath (PE) Best offensive performance + best defensive performance = best coaching performance.

Offence New York A very powerful display, pretty much grinding the Rams into submission well before the end. Raiders were very good too, as were the Redskins.
Defence Oakland The Niners had a lot of offensive plays but the Raider D made sure they didn't get very far , with 4 interceptions and a whole heap of hurries and sacks. Runners up were the Lions who forced 4 Dolphin fumbles en route to their win.
Coach Purrington (NJ) Bounced back well after that horrendous week 16 display by getting back to what they do best. Brucey deserves a mention too for a very good win in Miami.
  The Diddley   A bit of Christmas spirit and good cheer enters the process as I conclude that all the best teams won. God bless them all....    


Jon to All : Very strange stats for Randall this season - Most hurried QB, least sacked QB, one of the lowest completion rates and the lowest interception rate. Of the 6 interceptions, two were in the last 2 games.

Jon to Graham : Talk about coming good in the last half of the season. That final game was the offence that we've come to expect from you.

Jon to Paul Spence : I can't say I'm unhappy with the win, but it is a shame it stopped you being able to defend your title. Still, at least you've won an AB Superbowl, unlike me!

Jon to Tim : here we go again. Hope it's a good game, but I also hope it's not Randall's last.

Jon to All : Bit of a hammering in the draft. 10 retired, 7 step losses, quite a lot (14, I think) reduced. At least I got 73 LPs compensation.

Jon to Gerald : Excellent win. Well done.

Graham to Gerald : Nothing to lose now, and an offence capable of causing an upset or two. Paul did it last year, so why not you.

Graham to Jon : Randy looks like he might have been saving his energy for a final playoff fling.


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