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Week 19

by Gerald Udowiczenko

Hope you all had a good Christmas & New Year and that the best of your past is the worst of your future.

Apologies about the lack of a newsletter last time, but I left it all at work, thinking I had emailed myself everything. But (D'OH!!) I'd forgotten to do that and what with it being Christmas we'd shut-down. So I could either redo it again (without the Rammys) or give myself another Christmas pressie and give myself the week off. Well you know which one won.

Well the real life Patriots failed to make it to the play-offs, thanks mainly to the Pack being inept enough to lose at home for the first in years to the Jets, who won the AFC East (but thankfully lost to the Raiders ). Oh well, I guess there's always next year.......

Thanks to Graham for his invaluable contributions for both this and last week and a smaller thanks (especially during the post season ) to Brucey for his contributions.

Week 18
Name Correct /
Total Pct
SPLATT 4/4 145/198 73
Graham 4/4 57/78 74
Darren   72/100 72
Gerald   120/177 68
Jon   29/33 88
Richard   9/12 75


BB (12-4, W2) @ CL (14-2, W2) Last time : wk 4, 2005 (31 -37)
Gerald : The Browns get slapped into next year, as they struggle to copy with the Offence power of the Bills. Bills by 25.
Graham : CL by 6
SPLATT : Buffalo by 3.

CB (13-3, W4) @ NO (15-1, W8) Last time : wk 13, 2005 (16 -17)
Gerald : Last time it is was as close as you can get and I see no reason for it to be any different this time around. But it should be the same result. But this time they will have to settle it in OT. Saints by 3.
Graham : NS by 3
New Orleans by 11.


NE (11-5, L1) @ SD (12-4, L1)
Gerald : No comment.

PE (9-7, L1) @ DC (10-6, L1)
Gerald : This game will either be a classical (as both coaches care enough to put some effect in) or a bore (as neither coach cares, after last weeks results). I'll go for a classical, as these teams play each other for the third time in a season, with the series even (1 each) and only a FG has separated them so far. Boyz by 2.


WR (9-7, W1) @ MV (9-7, W1)
Gerald : Skins 'D' should win it for them. Skins by 4.

AF (6-10, W2) @ OR (7-9, W6)
Gerald : Raiders keep their good run going with a close win over the Falcs. Raiders by 3.


SS (1-15, W2) @ KC (2-14, W2)
Gerald : Unfortunately there is nothing much to choose between these two, so homefield should be the difference. Chiefs by 3.

MD (8-8, W2) @ SR (8-8, W6)
Gerald : The Rams left it very late in the season to find themselves, but now they have, they seem to be the teams of old and hard to beat. Rams by 10.


by Graham Canwell (Week 18)  

Offence Buffalo Offences were generally in pretty good form this week but two performances stood out, those of the Bills and Saints. It wasn't easy to choose between them but the Bills were better balanced and didn't get quite as much help from their defence.
Defence New Orleans Despite just missing out on the offensive award the Saints were comfortable winners of the defensive gong, having put in what was frankly the only dominant defensive performance of Divisional week.
Coach Dilworth (NS) He was expected to win (as were the other winners) but to record such an overwhelming victory against a tough opponent was a terrific achievement and made this an easy choice.

Offence Oakland The Raiders were frankly horrendously unlucky during the regular season, and they seem to be getting it out of their system by outclassing their Silver Bowl opponents. This week they rolled over the Lions a team with a usually pretty decent defence.
Defence Miami The Dolphins defence stomped all over a 49ers offence which isn't noted for collapsing so totally so this was an easy choice. Oakland's D did a good job but then thanks to their offence they weren't on the field that much, and the Falcons deserve a mention too.
Coach Crowther (OA) If the Consolation Bowls aren't for taking out frustration what are they for? No-one so far is making better use of them than Rob's Raiders.
  The Diddley Cleveland Outgained in yardage and lost the turnover battle, but snatched a win in overtime against the Pats. I'll admit they weren't overwhelmingly Diddleyish compared to some winners of this award (their "In Range" defence looks to have been terrific) but I don't often get a chance to dish out a Diddley to Julian so I don't feel inclined to waste this opportunity.  


Graham to Gerald : Unlucky. Maybe you'll get the Divisional title back next year. It's been a while.

Graham to Jon : Looks like Randy finished his career with a performance as limp as Chris Miller's against you last year. Which is a shame.

Gerald to Richard : Did you really want that QB in the first round or were you just filling up space? I'm glad I didn't (fill up space(), as I would have had him instead of you.

Gerald to Jon : Bad luck.


Kansas City32023219133217=97
New England151934121923424=88=
San Diego17244116=10253512=-615=
New York17274418=16203611-818
New Orleans821296=2626521=231=
St Louis16284418=1721387=-615=
Tampa Bay18234116=15153020=-1119=
San Francisco25244922=17183512=-1421



As per last year a group of us will be watching the game at the Hard Rock Café (one of our number works for them). Prior to that we'll we watching 3 games of football (round ball version) throughout the day in a pub somewhere in London. As soon as I know where, so will you. So if you're in town for the game or just passing, how about meeting up?

We'll be in a pub from approx Midday on the 26th January till about 7pm. Which should be a large enough window to meet up? :o)


End of Season Awards

You've still got two weeks until the votes are counted and so far, only 1 person has voted, so not much counting required. So come on get them in and have your say. Remember you can't vote for yourself, except for the last three categories.

Last season winners are in brackets.


Best Offence (Vikings)

Best Defence (Lions)

Best Team (Vikings)

Best Coach (Whitfield - MV)

Best Rookie Coach (Dixon - PS)

Most Improved Team (Vikings & Saints)

Most disappointing team (Patriots)

Worst team (Cardinals)

Most Hated Coach (Graham Canwell)



Well that about it for this week, good luck to those still in the play-offs and less luck to one person in particular. All the best for 2003.

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