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Week 0

by Gerald Udowiczenko

Apologies about the lack of a newsletter last week, but I wasn't really feeling up to it and had little in the way of contributions anyway, so I thought I'd recover (from the flu). This weeks issue is a little rushed, but I thought I had had better do something, as I haven't missed 2 issues in a row for a long ,long time.

Many thanks for Graham for his stuff.


BB (12-4, W3) @ CB (13-3, W5)
Graham : Should be a great game, but I fancy the Bears D and that pounding running game to just come out on top. CH by 3

by Graham Canwell (Week 19)  

Offence Buffalo 40 points on the road in Cleveland is not to be sniffed at. Over 400 yards and only one turnover made this an easy award to dish out.
Defence Chicago The Bears D has been terrific all season and they cemented their reputation in fine style by shutting down the much-feared Saints offence.
Coach MacGuire (CH) Two great performances by two great coaches this week, but since I rate the Saints somewhat higher than the Browns it is Paul's efforts that secure him the coaching crown this week.

Offence Miami If I could have got my offence on the field we might have stood a (very slim) chance. But I couldn't and we didn't.
Defence San Diego Held the potent Patriots offence to just 10 points to secure a surprisingly comfortable win in the Divisional Bowl semi. Miami were obviously contenders for this but just missed out because they failed to coax a single interception out of Kurt, which is just plain negligent!
Coach Guard (MD) Extreme, total dominance. What more could a coach want from a game???
  The Diddley Minnesota Stats-wise they were as totally dominated by the Skins as we were by the Fish, but the crucial difference was that they managed to score 34 points (from just 9 first downs!!!) and win. Spooky, and one of the greatest Diddley performances of the year.  


Gerald to Richard and/or Paul Mac : Would one of you (if not both) please do a write up a for the Superbowl Bowl? I know its going to be a little late (it would have been nice to have it in this issue), but better late than never.

Gerald to All : All the best for the coming season.

Gerald to Paul Mac : Well done on winning Superbowl XVII.

Gerald to Richard : Bad luck. You were oh so close.

Gerald to AFC East : Here's to another season where no team has a losing record (and we win the division!! :o)

Gerald to Brucey : Your updates of the website seemed very erratic over the post-season, any reason for this.... ?

Richard to Paul Mac : Another classic match up, even closer than your overtime win in NFLD the playoff-s before last. I now know how the Titans feel but no excuses, the best team and coach won as you make your own luck in game-plan. Congratulations and well done on completing a magnificent season in style. With a four value kicker, six training on PN I am now going to shoot the kick coverage team. Good luck with the new season.

End of Season Awards

Ok this is your last chance, I've only had 3 people vote, from 20ish coaches. So this is your the last chance....

Remember you can't vote for yourself, except for the last three categories.

Last season winners are in brackets.


Best Offence (Vikings)

Best Defence (Lions)

Best Team (Vikings)

Best Coach (Whitfield - MV)

Best Rookie Coach (Dixon - PS)

Most Improved Team (Vikings & Saints)

Most disappointing team (Patriots)

Worst team (Cardinals)

Most Hated Coach (Graham Canwell)




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