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Week 1

by Gerald Udowiczenko

Well a record-breaking display from us and the Eagles last week, in a game that produced over 1300 yards in the air (surely a record?) and in the end even OT couldn't separate the teams, which was probably about right.

Its just a shame that the AB website doesn't hold record for pre-season games, as I think that could take a lot of beating. :o)

Anyway onto a new season and a new face at San Francisco. Good luck to everyone for the coming 16 weeks and lets make them record breakers.
Many thanks to Graham, Jon & Brucey for their contributions.

BB (0-0, W1) @ PS (0-0, L3) Last time : wk 3, 2005 (24 - 10)
Gerald : I cannot see the Steelers breaking their losing streak at present, as the Bills 'O' will be too hot to handle. Bills by 21.
SPLATT : Buffalo by 6.
Darren : Bills by 10.

NE (0-0, W3) @ CI (0-0, L1) Last time : wk 7, 2005 (41 - 34)
Gerald : No Comment.
SPLATT : New England by 14.
Darren : Patriots by 10.

NY (0-0, L1) @ SD (0-0, W7) Last time : wk 1, 2005 (39 - 10)
Gerald : A must win for both teams, as their respective divisions are going to be tough all season long. So a wining start is vital. I don't think it will be as one sided as their last meeting, but it should be the same result. Jets by 10.
SPLATT : San Diego by 6.
Darren : Chargers by 7

MD (0-0, L1) @ OR (0-0, W4) Last time : wk 4, 2005 (20 - 18)
Gerald : Again both team need a good start to the season, especially the Fish who are in the Division of Death. But the Raiders are going to be tough to beat at home. Raiders by 3.
SPLATT : Oakland by 5.
Darren : Raiders by 7.

CL (0-0, W1) @ KC (0-0, L8) Last time : wk 7, 2005 (30 - 22)
Gerald : The Chiefs need a moral boosting win, if they're to turn around their last couple of poor seasons. Unfortunately against the Browns that won't be easy. But it will show if they're to be contenders again or not (which I think they will). Browns by 3.
SPLATT : Cleveland by 16.
Darren : Browns by 8.

TT (0-0, W1) @ SS (0-0, L6) Last time : wk 13, 2005 (44 - 14)
Gerald : Both teams had poor pre-season games, but then no one really takes them seriously, so it hard to judge them on last week. But the Titans look the stronger team. Titans by 3.
SPLATT : Tennessee by 14.
Darren : No Comment.

DC (0-0, W5) @ DL (0-0, L2) Last time : wk 7, 2005 (24 - 27)
Gerald : Unless Brucey can find the same team that played their first 4 games last season, this will be a long hard day. Boyz by 10.
Dallas by 9.
Darren : Cowboys by 10.

PE (0-0, W1) @ TB (0-0, L1) Last time : wk 3, 2005 (47 - 0)
Gerald : So what can the new boy (QB) do that his predecessor couldn't? This early on it hard to say. But I don't think he'll emulate the same score, though it should be a conformable win. Eagles by 14.
Philadelphia by 15.
Darren : Eagles by 17.

WR (0-0, L2) @ NS (0-0, W7) Last time : wk 4, 2005 (7 - 38)
Gerald : Hummm. Toughie this one, can the Skins find their 'D' of old? If not they I fear the score could be a mauling. Saints by 21.
SPLATT : New Orleans by 16.
Darren : Saints by 7.

AC (0-0, L45) @ SR (0-0, W4) Last time : wk 9, 2005 (7 - 27)
Gerald : What can Dean do with another top pick from last year draft? Loss I'm sorry to say, as the Rams showed towards the end of the season that they had remembered how to play ball. Rams by 21.
SPLATT : St Louis by 17.
Darren : Rams by 21.

CB (0-0, W3) @ SF (0-0, L1) Last time : wk 3, 2005 (28 - 20)
Gerald : A real test for the new coach in San Francisco, whose only real hope is surprise. Beras by 4.
SPLATT : Chicago by 9.
Darren : Bears by 17.

MV (0-0, W1) @ AF (0-0, L3) Last time : wk 1, 2005 (18 - 20)
Gerald : The Flacons are another team that showed something of their old form towards the end of the season. But I think the Vikes will be just that little too strong. Vikes by 3.
SPLATT : Minnesota by 9.
Darren : Vikings by 10.

A Roundup  
I have compiled the Rammys from last season and they make quite an interesting read, as do the EoS Awards.















  The Diddley You'll have to wait until the next issue, as I haven't compiled them yet (well I did and the deleted them by mistake D'OH!)    


Gerald to Richard : Apologies about not thanking you for your contributions last week. At least I included them :o)

Gerald to Martin : Welcome to the league, how about telling us something about yourself - a Coaching Profile perhaps?

Gerald to Jon : Damn I thought you were going to run the ball, oh well I guess you caught me out :o)

The End of an Era
by Jon Heath

It is with some sadness that I go into this season, as the long-time backbone of the Eagles, Randall Cunningham, has finally announced his retirement. It is a shame that he had to go out on such a dreadful performance against the Saints, but maybe that game was what finally persuaded him to give up the game for good.

When I became coach of the Eagles in the 1995 Season it was my first post as a head coach. The team was a miserable 0-4 and the roster was a bit of a mess. The first thing that struck me was that Randall should be the starting QB in favour of Jim Everett, who soon found himself on the way out when he made his feelings clear about being benched. The team, however, never looked back. Though the Eagles had one Superbowl to their name under coach Deuchars - unfortunately this is still the case - that was the only time they had ever made the playoffs. From 0-4 Randall led the team to 6 wins and 6 losses in his first season, including a stunning 38-34 comeback from nowhere, and a place in the Con Bowl final. Over the next 10 seasons only once has he not featured in the playoffs, and that was down to an OT tie in the final game of the season against Washington. He has led the team to 5 NFC East crowns, 4 wild card places (one with a 14-2 record), 2 NFC championship games and one Superbowl appearance, which was a tense 19-14 loss to the Browns. For a long period of time his great nemesis were the Rams, who knocked the Eagles out of the playoffs in 1997, 1999, 2000 and 2001 but this particular hoodoo was broken in 2003, the year he got his NFC Championship ring. He may well go down as one of the best QBs to have never won a Superbowl and his longevity as a QB was remarkable. He has set too many team records to mention here (though you can find them on the AB site if you're actually interested) and will, I am sure, be sorely missed. In his latter years his experience at getting rid of the ball under pressure showed, with the strange statistics in his final season of having the lowest completion % in the league, the highest number of hurries, but also equalling the league record for the least number of interceptions in a season - 6. To be intercepted so few times when he attempted 600 passes was an amazing achievement and may be a record that is never broken.


NFLAB Draft Review- 2005
by Graham Canwell

In the end I had 5 votes for the EoS Awards, many thanks to all those who took the time to put pen to paper and well done to all those deserving souls who won.

Previous Seasons results in brackets.

  1. Arizona
LB 4*
WR 2*1
LB 1*
Good two opening picks. Third looks a bit of a waste of the first pick in the round. And shouldn't they have picked an offensive lineman????? But then it is the Cards...  
2. Seattle RB 4*
OL 3*
WR 2*
Not a bad effort. The opening RB could be a luxury, given their strength at that position but there wasn't a 5* QB in the draft so he was the best player available. And his time could come fairly soon. Might need strengthening at DL.
3. Tampa Bay LB 4*
QB 3*
RB 2*
Those 4*LBs are always excellent acquisitions. Buccs have a ropey secondary so one questions the QB pick (though Shaun King is getting on). The RB was a must-have.
4. Cincinnati TE 3*
DL 3*
WR 2*
A very good draft. Not sure about using the 4th overall pick on a TE but they made up for that in the 2nd round. Now a squad with no obvious weaknesses.
5. Kansas City QB 4*
DL 3*
OL 2*
The QB is clearly a "best-player-available" pick because they clearly don't need him. They really needed a DB. I sense a waiver coming on...
6. Atlanta RB 3*
LB 2*
QB 2*
How did such a decent team get such a high pick? Got the DPS LB in the 2nd round, which isn't always possible. A good squad so not under too much pressure.
7. San Francisco DL 3*
DB 2*
WR 2*
A decent draft for a good squad who's only potential weakness looks to be the offensive line. Opening two picks could come in handy in this division.
8. Oakland OL 3*
PN 1*2
RB 2*
Wise first pick as the Raiders begin rebuilding their ageing O-line. And punters are always very valuable. The 3rd round RB has been waived already.
9. Detroit OL 3*
DB 2*
DB 1*
It looks to have been a difficult off-season for Detroit. Even after using two draft picks on the secondary it doesn't look that strong. And they look weak on special teams. But the offence looks OK.
10. Miami LB 3*
LB 2*
WR 2*
The Fish have an excellent offence so it is no surprise they looked to patch up their D, especially in a division full of potent offences. Another team short in the special teams department.
11. St. Louis LB 3*
DB 2*
WR 2*
I was quite happy. The opening LB must a must-pick, allowing veteran Todd Collins to finally be allowed to pack it in. I just can't resist DBs and WRs either. The offensive line is getting very old . . .
12. New York RB 3*
LB 2*
PN 1*2
The Jets look to have a terrific squad, which this draft fitted in with beautifully. Could be a team to watch this season.
13. Washington DB 3*
LB 2*
DL 2*
A defence-packed draft for a team already known for its D, as the heroes of recent seasons are gradually replaced. But the offence looks in good shape personnel-wise so no complaints there.
14. Pittsburgh RB 3*
DL 2*
TE 1*
Not a great effort by the Steelers. The RB and TE were pretty unnecessary but the DL at least filled a real hole.
15. Minnesota OL 3*
QB 3*
DB 1*
The first pick was essential as the offensive line is extremely, erm, experienced. The QB was a "best-player-available" pick and he's already been waived. But this is a squad short on holes (though there's no TE).
16. Philadelphia OL 3*
KK 1*1
DL 2*
A good first pick to give extra protection for new QB Donovan McNabb. Jon clearly loves defensive lineman as well he might - they've generally done him proud.
17. Tennessee WR 2*1
TE 2*
WR 1*1
Apparently a draft for offence and kick returns. The Titans have an excellent defensive squad though so it looks like a good choice, and could be the final piece in their jigsaw.
18. Dallas RB 1*1
DB 2*
PN 1*2
A few luxury picks for a strong squad. Quite surprised the punter has been waived because they're really useful but the 'Boys offence is so good I guess they don't punt often . . .
19. New England DB 3*
DL 2*
OL 2*
With the offence on fire last season it makes sense to beef up the D. I suspect Gerald will be pretty happy with his work here.
20. San Diego KK 1*2
QB 3*
PN 1*1
Some sort of award due here. San Diego become the first team I've ever seen waive all their draft picks. So I guess they must be pretty happy with what they have.
21. Buffalo QB 4*
DB 2*
OL 2*
All that success is taking its toll on the Bills. The QB might be insurance - I suspect Rob Johnson is quite expensive to fix!! Secondary looks thin even with a draft pick expended on it.
22. Chicago DL 3*
RB 2*
KK 1*1
The World Champions don't have many gaps and this was a good draft. The kicker's been waived but they aren't as valuable as punters so I'm not surprised.
23. Cleveland DB 3*
DL 2*
TE 1*
Not too bad, but they have a big squad which didn't have too many holes. Emphasis may be switching from offence to defence, in which case the lack of a punter might hurt.
24. New Orleans DL 3*
DB 2*
WR 1*1
Saints don't have many offensive problems so an emphasis on defence doesn't surprise. Their D is already quite aggressive, and from the looks of it that isn't about to change.


End of Season Awards - 2005
( as voted for by the coaches of NFLAB )

In the end I had 5 votes for the EoS Awards, many thanks to all those who took the time to put pen to paper and well done to all those deserving souls who won.

Previous Seasons results in brackets.

  Best Offence (Vikings) Saints : 4
Patriots : 1
Best Defence (Lions) Bears : 4
Lions : 1
Best Team (Vikings) Saints : 4
Bills : 1
Best Coach (Whitfield - MV) Apple (DC) : 3
Dilworth (NS) : 1
Macguire (CB) : 1
Best Rookie Coach (Dixon - PS) Macguire (CB) : 3
Gorner (SD) :1
Birtchnell (TT) : 1
Most Improved Team (Vikings & Saints) Bears &
Patriots : 2
Cowboys : 1
Most disappointing team (Patriots) Rams : 2
Dolphins : 1
Redskins : 1

Most Hated Coach (Graham Canwell)

Julian Horne : 2
Worst Team (Cardinals) Cardinals : 4
Most Admired Coach (New) Canwell,
I know this category does not exist but his team was decimated yet he came back and had a really strong finish to the season. (Graham if you'd like to know who wrote those kind words let me know - Ed)


Well that it for this week and hopefully this 4 page newsletter will be a good omen for the come season?

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