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Have you ever wondered what you could do with the wealth of information presented in the Gameplan reports ?

Do you "play" your game? Revealing each play, line by line. Being surprised by that breakout, or annoyed at the interception that stops you twelve yards from a score ?

Wouldn't it be nice to save a report as a compact PDF, without the need for in-between software ?

Wonder no more....

16 Dec 2003

gp_vcon (0.5.12b)
Available for download.

New in this release :
Fixes problems encountered with Hotmail (MSN) formatting. (Graham B.)
Creating a PDF from a non-Gameplan report will now default to the original filename (with the extension replaced), instead of "gameplan.pdf". (Rob C.)
Added a preferences option to always enforce the original filename for PDFs even if the report is a Gameplan one.

23 Nov 2003

gp_vcon (0.5.11b)

New in this release :
Fixes a problem whereby the last page would not be generated as a PDF (Alan M.)
Some more tweaks to the definitions.xml file, changing some tag names for the stats export (Alan M.)

13 Nov 2003

gp_vcon (0.5.10b)

New in this release :
Changes to stats export : added Home/Away flag and game type indicator (pre, regular, post, etc.) (Alan M.)

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