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Week 2

by Gerald Udowiczenko

Well congratulations to the Broncos on their repeat. It wasn't a bad game, the Falcons needed a bit of luck, and didn't really get it (well other than those two penalties in the first drive). But they made it to the big one, and that does count for something. This is being written in the aftermath of the Superbowl, so any misytakes, spelling or otherwise, can be blamed (and will be) on the excesses of last night.

Had quite a full household in the end, 8 of us. One Falcon and Bronco fan, 3 part time falcons, who thanks to Paul Meskill all were wearing Falcons game shirts, 2 part time Broncos fans. I know that only adds up to 7, not sure/can't remember who the last houseguest was supporting, but I think it was the NFC, booo, hissss.

Thanks to Jon, Graham & Peter for these weeks contributions.

NE (L1) @ BB (W1) Last Season (29 - 27)
Gerald :
Jon : The Bills looked more impressive last week. Buffalo by 7.

MD (L1) @ NJ (W1) Last Season (7 - 33)
Gerald : Air Jets looks hard to stop and at home it will be tough for the Fish, but I think they'll just do it. Fish by 3.
Jon : Miami let it slip in the 4th last week. Whilst the Jets showed an ability to go deep. That could really stretch the Dolphins 'D', even if they dominate early. Jets by 3.

CL (L2) @ CI (W2) Last Season (10 - 28)
Gerald : Bengals look good at the moment, but only time will tell. Bengals by 10.
Jon : I'll be surprised if the Bengals are 1-1 after this. Cincy by 10.

HO (L2) @ PS (W2) Last Season (6 - 11)
Gerald : Not a good start from Alan last week, and he will have to cut down the turnovers if he's to challenge for the division. Going to he hard, but I think he'll break his duck. Oilers by 3.
Jon : The Steelers struggled against the Raiders. Tennessee could be more of a problem. Oilers by 3.

OR (L5) @ DB (W1) Last Season (10 - 51)
Gerald : A good passing display from the Raiders last week, they looked unlucky to loss it. But against the Broncos it will be a lot harder. Can't see the same result (score wise) as last season, but its still the Broncos by 13.
Jon : More of the same. Broncos by 21.

KC (L1) @ SS (W2) Last Season (6 - 31)
Gerald : These two love playing each other and know what the other can do, but now with v2.15, who knows (I don't and I predicate the results)? It will be close, but I can't see Ian doing it. Hawks by 3.
Jon : Ian must be gutted to have lost his home opener and Seattle are a tough nut at anytime. Seahawks by 1.

WR (L2) @ PE (W2) Last Season (10 - 20)
Gerald : Looks like Jon's Eagles team in NFLB, has given him a lot of ideas, and scoring just as freely. But I think the Skins 'D' should surprise him. Redskins by 2.
Jon : Paul must hate the scheduler at present - starting with 2 division champions on the trot isn't nice. He'll also want revenge for last seasons farce. Hopefully he won't get it Eagles by 3.

AC (L10) @ DC (W3) Last Season (3 - 33)
Gerald : The Cards did well last week in slowing down the Falcons 'O', but unfortunately their own offence was very lacking. The Cowboys gave up quit a lot of yards themselves so it could be close. But homefield will see the through. Cowboys by 10.
Jon : Defensively the Cards did well last week. Offensively they were woeful. Cowboys by 10.

MV (L2) @ TB (W1) Last Season (3 - 16)
Gerald : A good start to the season for the Buccs, which is not what the rest of the Central wanted. The Vikes had a bad day against the Eagles, and I think it will get worse. Buccs by 3.
Jon : Tim'll be looking for rapid improvement whilst the Buccs did worryingly well for an uncoached team. All the same, Vikes by 1.

DL (L1) @ CB (W4) Last Season (17-40)
Gerald : Bears keep up with the Buccs. Bears by 10.
Jon : Neil had a good win last week and should be able to keep it going at home. Bears by 6.

NO (L9) @ AF (W2) Last Season (10 - 21)
Gerald : Paul kept it close last week, and will hope that the 'O' can start generating more yards, but I think it will be hard against the Saints, but even so. He should win. Falcons by 3.
Jon : The Saints haven't quite broken that losing habit yet, but the Falcons struggled against the Cards. That points o a close game. Falcs by 1.

SF (L9) @ SR (W9) Last Season (10 - 21)
Gerald : Can't really see the 49ers doing it, though it could happen, if the luck abandons the Rams. Even so, Rams by 3.
Jon : Shouldn't be too hard for Graham. Rams by 14.

by Graham Canwell (Week 1)  
Offence NY Jets The Jets have been a conservative team for years now, but they stunned pretty much everyone with a big air show against Tennessee.
Defence Denver Stifled a strong Dolphin team to allow the Broncos to pull off a dramatic 4th quarter comeback.
Coach Seymour (CI) Decimated squad or not, got away to an excellent start with a win in a very tough road game.
Offence Tampa Bay Bizarre goings on in San Francisco, where the previously punchless offence of the Buccs went crazy against the Niners. Maybe v2.15 suits them . . .
Defence Philadelphia The Vikes powerful offensive showing last year made them a hot tip this time around, but the Eagle D certainly put them in their place.
Coach Heath (PE) Not going to give up that Eastern title easily. The most impressive NFC showing of the week.
Barry Switzer Award Daniels (SF) The Buccs . . . . 429 yards . . . . Noooooo!!


Gerald to All : I was on a training course all last week, and therefore didn't have access to my e-mail. So if you did send me anything, and it wasn't include in this issue, you now know why. Everything will be used in the next issue/s. So please continue to send me stuff, I will use it.

Gerald to Graham : Sorry I couldn't included whatever you send me, but you know why (see above). I will still use your prediction for a running total (assuming you did some), and I'll do a bumper Rammys

Gerald to Derek : Thought I had you until the 4th quarter.....

Jon to Richard O. : (I forgot this earlier) - The QB was only for the losing points. He was the only 2* player left!

Jon to Graham : Kind of you to say so.

Jon to Gerald : Congratulations on the first 2pt conversion in AB

Gerald to Jon : Thanks Jon, not too sure how to take that complement....... (if it was one?)

Jon to All : Go Falcons! (Even though it'll b over before you read this)

Peter to All : You may notice (only if they read this.... Ed) I have tried my hand at budding sportswriter/self appointed know it all, hey if Graham does it why not me? Anyway I will try not to get too repetitive with the Sunday/Monday night thing. But I can't be arsed to include nowhere teams. Might not be able to keep it going during April to June, but I will try.

Next weeks newsletter will be fun. As for some mad reason, I've agreed to do the newsletter for NFLB. This I hope will be the only time I'll do two newsletters in the same week (won't it Jon?). So if people could please get their stuff in as quickly as possible so I can get the newsletter out of the way. But, as with all good (??) plans, this will probably all go to hell. So even if you remember at the last minute to included something, give me a ring, post it or e-mail me, and I will try my best. Because, newsletters are the lifeblood of gameplan, and without them the games not as much fun, and that is what we're paying for. FUN.

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