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Week 3

by Gerald Udowiczenko

Well, we've finally done it. The Patriots won last night. We beat the Broncos at Mile High. Could this be start of are 12 game unbeaten streak? Wouldn't it be nice?

Unfortunately I've got to cut this issue short, as I've been busy recently (makes a change I know). Work has finally made me redundant, so I've been busy signing-on, applying to various job agencies and going to interviews. Which hasn't left me much time. Add to that, the problems I've had with Freeserve (not so free and no service) and my printer (which still doesn't work. Damn!!) You're lucky (assuming the post delivers it in time?) to be reading this. So apologies if this seems rushed (it was).

Thanks to Graham for this week's contributions.

PS (2-0 W2) @ MD (1-1 W1)
Gerald : The Steelers have continued as they finished off last season and could give a lot of people trouble. Steelers by 1.
Graham : After last week, you have to fancy the Fish. Steeler offence yet to catch fire. MD 7

CI (1-1 W1) @ BB (2-0 W2)
Gerald : The Bills will have a harder time of it this season, as everyone will want to beat them. Especially in this week game is the AFC game of the week. Bengals by 2
Graham : Bengals' D have had a rough couple of weeks. Not the time to meet the champs. BB 7

OR (0-2 L2) @ NJ (1-1 L1)
Gerald : Both teams are coming off losses, but I think the Jets have the greater firepower. Jets by 10.
Graham : Could be some offensive fireworks here, but Jets' experience should triumph. NJ 10

KC (1-1 L1) @ NE (1-1 L1)
Gerald : No comment.
Graham : Can KC manage to be average for once? After last week's heartbreak, Pats will rebound. NE 6

SS (1-1 W1) @ TT (1-1 L1)
Gerald : Both coaches know how to win and have shown us in the past, that they can when the need arises. Tough one to call so I'll go with the home team. Titans by 3.
Graham : Could be a great game. Titans at home might just edge it. TN 6

DB (1-1 W1) @ CL (0-2 L2)
Gerald : The Browns looked very unlucky last week not to get their first win. This week will be a real challenge, but I can't honesty see them win at home to the Broncos. Denver by 10.
Graham : Another toughie for unlucky Browns. Another defeat too, sadly. DB 10

TB (1-1 W1) @ WR (2-0 W2)
Gerald : The Skins stay on top of the division with a close win over an improving Buccs. Skins by 14.
Graham : Buccs offence might have problems in DC. Skins to keep on rolling. WR 13

MV (1-1 W1) @ PE (2-0 W2)
Gerald : This should be a great game. tough one to call, but I think the Eagles will be hard to beat this season, especially at home. Eagles by 3.
Graham : NFC Game of the Week. First big test for Eagles, and if offence can sharpen up they can win. PE 3

AF (1-1 L1) @ DC (0-2 L2)
Gerald : The Falcons get back to their wining ways after last week's disaster. Falcons by 10.
Graham : Another out-of-division win for the Mighty West. Dallas still looking for a TD. AF 3

NO (1-1 L1) @ AC (0-2 L2)
Gerald : Can the Cards get their first win? Not unless their offence improves greatly. Saints by 10.
Graham : Saints surely won't slip up here, they're too good. NS 10

SF (2-0 W2) @ CB (0-2 L2)
Gerald : The Bears haven't had a good start to the season so far and I can't see it getting any better hosting the 49ers. 49ers by 10.
Graham : Another Western win for the slick Niners. SF 7

SR (2-0 W2) @ DL (0-2 L2)
Gerald : Another team carrying on as they did last season (and the season before, and the season before that). Which team am I talking about? Both, in fact. The Rams have consistently over the past couple of seasons been outstanding, whist the Lions have been very disappointing. No change this week. Rams by 35
Graham : No Comment.

by Graham Canwell (Week 2)  
Offence Miami Bounced back with a vengeance against the unfortunate Jets.
Defence Denver After what the Chiefs did against the Bengals this was almost unbelievable.
Coach Carruthers (DB) Pure tactical genius!
Offence San Francisco Ball control at its best, by one it's top exponents.
Defence Philadelphia At this stage of the season we're still giving awards for efforts against the Cards.
Coach Daniels (SF) On paper, the Niners have the NFC West's weakest squad. But as usual it is being brilliantly utilised by Steve.
Barry Switzer Award The Chiefs For getting our hopes up of a KC revival in week 1.


Gerald to All : Sorry if you did send me anything via e-mail, but as I haven't been able to log on for about a week. So if anything is there I'll try and use it for the next issue.

Gerald to Richard : Boy where you lucky last week. I thought I had you, you...... Also noticed you've joined NFLB, all the best. You're going to need it. How's the leg? Hope it's healing properly?

Gerald to Graham : So how come you're not predicting your own games this season?

Graham to NFC West : Let's go back to beating up on the others, rather than ourselves.

Well that's all folks and hope to be fully operational for next week's issue.

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