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Week 8

by Gerald Udowiczenko

Well I'm slowing getting use to working again, but its hard work and yes that (bad) pun was intended. Unfortunately I've little time to do the newsletter again, due largely to drinks and Christmas, and not work.

The plan (which I've never know to work, something always go wrong) was to have done most of the newsletter over the weekend. But I went to a friends leaving drink up on Friday, which meant a late night. Then went to my Girlfriends, company Dinner & Dance on Saturday, which was good fun, but it did involve drinking, so it was a late start Sunday morning. Then I went out Christmas shopping, which took longer than I had planned, so we'll see what I can manage in my lunch break.

Thanks to Graham & Ian for their contributions. Many thanks.

Graham : Fish are a bit in crisis, while Pats are rolling. NE 7
Gerald : No Comment

Graham : Two more teams moving in opposite directions (the Bills probably to another Superbowl) BB 14
Gerald : BB by 17.

Graham : Could be an interesting offence vs defence matchup. Browns are in rather better current form. CL 3
Gerald : CL by 3.

Graham : Crucial crucial game. Steelers have slipped recently but are at home. PS 6
Gerald : PS by 1.

Graham : Seattle can't afford to lose games like this. Chiefs aren't due another brilliant performance for a few more weeks. SS 7
Gerald : KC by 3.

Graham : Nice to see Raiders more competitive this year, but they ought to struggle at Mile High. DB 17
Gerald : DB by 10.

Graham : Big big win for the Skins. Surely. WR 21
Gerald : WR by 10.

Graham : Boys' good run has come to a halt, and Philly isn't the place to go to turn it round. PE 14
Gerald : PE by 10.

Graham : Vikes have made their usual slow start and in Chicago have challengers this year. So they should step it up from now on in, as they usually do. MV 10
Gerald : MV by 2.

Graham : I was impressed by the Buccs last week, but they need more offence. Bears are on a good run and top the division. CH 6
Gerald : TB by 3.

Graham : Saints have had some heartbreaking losses recently despite playing well, but the Niners aren't in the habit of giving away gifts. SF 10
Gerald : NS by 3.

Graham : No comment
Gerald : SR by 13.

by Graham Canwell (Week 7)  
Offence Denver What can you say? Over 300 yards rushing, 75% pass completions, 56 points. Raiders and Hawks were very good too.
Defence Seattle The Bengals' defence might have had a nightmare season, but their offence generally hasn't so this was a terrific display by the non-often mentioned Hawks D.
Coach Carruthers(DB) Still the team to beat in the AFC West.
Offence Philadelphia Another unit without too many mentions, but they produced lots of yards and a marvellous comeback against the Saints.
Defence Chicago Figures that can't be argued with, though the Buccs also deserve a lot of credit for making my offence look very ordinary indeed..
Coach Daniels (SF) Plays Bill Parcells style mistake-proof football to a very high standard..
The Diddley St. Louis Oops its me again, isn't it. No-one else managed to get their team playing so far below their potential and still win.


Gerald to Ian : Glad to see you're still with us and all the best with the second half of the season. You never know Homefield may just be the luck you need and you're only 2 games behind the Broncos, so who knows?

Gerald to Ian : Can you help with Brucey request for stats (as in last weeks newsletter)?

Ian C to Jon : Eagles coaches of the past :-

  • Mike Bonney - 10- 22
  • Pat Dale - 14 - 18 (Con Bowl III Winner)
  • Scott Turriff - 0- 2
  • Howard Deuchars- 16 - 17 (3 - 0) (Division Winner Season V) (Superbowl V Winner)

Ian C to Ian D : Yep I remember Ian, we don't have any Oilers at all now, have fun in the weaker conference :)

Graham to Dave J : Good gutsy effort, and you didn't get what you deserved. Keep performing like that, though, and things will improve. See you next year.

Well this is to be the last gameplan of the year. So may I take this opportunity,

To wish you all a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year.

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