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Week 5

by Gerald Udowiczenko

What an interesting read the week 1 - 4 stats made? Well they did to me anyway. It meant I could waffle on about them in this Editorial.

The AFC really does like it's Offence doesn't it? Only the Vikes, Rams and very surprisingly (but nice to see) the Cards, break into the top half. While on the other side of the ball, unsurprisingly the NFC dominates, but its not so one sided, as the AFC does have 5 teams in the top half.

Talking about defence, its interesting to note that both the Hendersons (Brucey and Neil) have great 'D's. The Lions are No.1, with the Raiders not that far behind at No.4. Perhaps they're swapping tactics? I think we (the Patriots) should ask for some help, as we seem to have lost our way and after playing the Bills this week I don't think the yardage situation will get any better on defence. But as long as we win, I really don't care how much yardage we give up.

A small post-bag this week, well if truth be told a small In-Box, does nobody trust snail mail anymore? Because of this, I doubt we'll reach 4 sides, unless I have some major inspiration. With luck, some of the regulars should be back from holiday, in time for next weeks issue?

Because of the up and coming Bank Holiday, I'm getting the newsletter done for the Saturday post, as I can't see Mr Postie delivering on time twice in a row, can you? So if you did send me something and it hasn't appeared in print, you now know I probably didn't get it in time. But don't worry I'll include it for next week.

As always many thanks to those who sent in stuff. This week they are Graham & Brucey.

Week 4
Name Correct /
Total Pct
SPLATT 12/12 40/48 83
Graham 9/11 43/55 78
Gerald 8/11 41/55 75
Richard 10/12 36/48 75
Jon   7/11 64

BB (4-0, W4) @ NE (2-2, W1) Last time : wk 14, 2003 (17 - 31)
Gerald : No comment.
Graham : Maybe a must-win game already for the Pats, given the strength of this division. On their day they're certainly up to it but Buffalo are the form horses right now. BB 3.
SPLATT : New England by 1.

MD (2-2, W2) @ NY (4-0, W4) Last time : wk 14, 2003 (24 - 12)
Gerald : What a battle we have in the AFC East. I doubt any of us will get to double figures, as we will each take games off the other. This week being a case in point. While on paper, the Jets just edge this game, I think the Fish will just win it. Fish by 1.
Graham : Both in good form so this could be a cracker. Jets pass D has been superb all year but this will be a stiff test. NJ 1.
SPLATT : Miami by 1.

CL (4-0, W14) @ TT (1-3, L2) Last time : wk 16, 2003 (30 - 14)
Gerald : As Graham said, it's hard to see any of the other teams in the Central challenging the Browns at present. Unless they do, then I can seriously see the division being won come week 10. The Titans have had flashes of brilliance but I doubt that will help against the Browns, who at present look hard to stop. Browns by 21.
Graham : Hard to see anyone in the Central seriously testing the Browns at the moment. CL 21.
SPLATT : Cleveland by 11.

PS (1-3, L1) @ CI (0-4, L4) Last time : wk 16, 2003 (24 - 27)
Gerald Both teams need the win, if they're to keep up with the Browns. This has got to be the best chance so far for the Bengals to break their duck. But the Steelers seem to have found some form, which could make it very hard and close. Bengals by 2.
Graham : The Bengals D could do with some relief after a traumatic early season schedule. This could be it, but it ought to be close. If it doesn't go to OT I just fancy them to break that duck. CI 1.
SPLATT : Cincinnati by 1.

DB (3-1, L1) @ SS (1-3, W1) Last time : wk 16, 2003 (7 - 37)
Gerald : The Hawks got their campaign rolling last week with a not entirely convincing win. The Broncos came up short against the Champs and they're unlikely to be the last team to do so. Tough one to call, as both teams know each other well. So I'm going to have to go with homefield. Hawks by 6.
Graham : Like the Central, the West looks a little thin this year so Denver should cruise to another division crown. DB 10.
SPLATT : Denver by 10.

KC (0-4, L4) @ OR (2-2, L2) Last time : wk 16, 2003 (30 - 10)
Gerald : The Chiefs are still looking to break their duck and if they're to challenge this season they will need to start winning. Unfortunately they have to play a Raiders team which has a tasty 'D', which will make it very hard for the Chiefs who have yet to find that Offence from last season. Raiders by 10.
Graham : After two straight defeats the Raiders need to get back on track. The Chiefs just need to stop someone (anyone!). Hard to back KC at the moment, despite their undoubted talent. OA 3.
SPLATT : Oakland by 4.

WR (3-1, W1) @ PE (3-1, W1) Last time : wk 16, 2003 (23 - 0)
Gerald : Same old, same old. These two coaches have played each other so often, they must know the others gameplan inside out? Last seasons games were extreme and I can't see the same happening again. As to who will win this week, I really don't know, so I'll go with homefield. Eagles by 1.
Graham : Both are surely certs for the playoffs, even though they haven't so far looked as strong as last campaign. After week 16 last year I'll just go with the Skins, but it's so tough to call. WR 1.
SPLATT : Philadelphia by 1.

DC (1-3, W1) @ AC (0-4, L17) Last time : wk 16, 2003 (28 - 7)
Gerald : I was surprised to see that the Cards, have the third best 'O' in the NFC and yet they have a 0-4 record. But as this year the NFC really likes 'D' and the Cards rank badly there, perhaps it's not such a surprise? The Cowboys lack of yardage last week must be a bit of a worry for Stewart, but then again he was playing the best 'D' in the league. Tough one to call, but the Cards have got to break their duck sometime and they do have a tasty 'O'. Cards by 3.
Graham : The Boys got their first win last week. Maybe now it's the Cards turn. AC 3.
SPLATT : Arizona by 1.

CB (3-1, L1) @ MV (4-0, W6) Last time : wk 14, 2003 (38 - 31)
Gerald : The Vikes had a quiet day last week, only scoring 27 points. But as the 'D' kept their opponents to only FGs it didn't really matter. The Bears on the other hand had a bad day, they got yardage and first downs. But turned the ball over too many times and were very poor at 3rd downs. If they can re-find the form of the first couple of weeks, then they will be a real handful for the Vikes. But that 'D' of theirs looks just to mean. Vikes by 7.
Graham : Bears weren't at their best last week, while Minnesota look sensational. MV 10.
SPLATT : Chicago by 4.

DL (0-4, L5) @ TB (1-3, W1) Last time : wk 14, 2003 (27 - 7)
Gerald : The Lions have a great 'D'. But that won't be enough, especially when a lot of teams in the NFC have one as well. The Buccs got off to good start and though they fell asleep in the third, just did enough to stay ahead. Neither team looks that convincing at present, but unless the Lions get lucky, I just can't see them winning. Buccs by 3.
Graham : Until Detroit offence shows up they won't beat anyone. Another W for the Buccs. TB 6.
SPLATT : Detroit by 1.

SR (4-0, W22) @ SF (2-2, L1) Last time : wk 16, 2003 (44 - 11)
Gerald : Well if they don't win it on the 'O' or 'D', they can always fall back on the Diddley. After last weeks superb display of passing, I don't think the 49ers have much of a chance. Rams by 9.
Graham : After last week I'm feeling a little better. Another week 3-like performance would probably see me lose this though so there's still plenty of cause for concern.
SPLATT : St Louis by 11.

NS (1-3, L1) @ AF (2-2, L1) Last time : wk 16, 2003 (16 - 0)
Gerald : The Saints came mighty close last week to upsetting the formbook and I reckon those fumbles were very costly. The Falcons failed to impress and again turnovers looked the difference between both teams. Both teams are pretty much evenly matched on Offence, but it's the 'D' that will decide this game. The Falcons are ranked low, but they did take a hammering in week 1 against the Vikes, but since then have improved, they are also playing at home. Falcons by 3.
Graham : Both have been a bit unlucky so far. Should be a tight game. Falcs a little better balanced. AF 3.
SPLATT : New Orleans by 5.

by Graham Canwell (Week 4)  
Offence Buffalo A tough call between the Bills and Jets. Although Buffalo scored less points they did manage one more touchdown and give up one less turnover. So that clinched it for them. Not quite as much AFC offence as in recent weeks. Maybe Ds are catching on.
Defence New England This was a tough decision. Considered the Dolphins and Seahawks but ultimately plumped for the Pats, whose D forced four turnovers (including one returned for a TD) to give them a few cheap points in a surprisingly large victory.
Coach Horne (CL) Another tricky one. Contenders included Gerald and Richard, but at the end of the day the Browns' comfortable win in the week's biggest game tipped the balance in Julian's favour.
Offence St. Louis As usual not that much offence in the NFC, so I am reluctantly forced to admit that my Rams 485 yard, no turnover, performance on the road against a tough Bear D probably was the best (even if it nearly all came in one crazy quarter, when we managed four complete 70+ yard TD drives). Vikes, as usual, were superb too.
Defence Chicago A tricky one. Dallas, even though it was against the rather harmless Detroit offence, won my vote because it was a good recovery after they'd taken such a pounding in the first few weeks. The usual suspects (Washington and Philadelphia) headed the rest of the contenders.
Coach Heath (PE) A great response by the Eagles after last week's upset by the Bears as they recorded a big win against the Falcons. Praise is also due to Stewart in Dallas and Dave in Tampa for racking up first wins of the campaign. Tim again got his Vikings playing pretty flawlessly.
  The Diddley No Award I really can't make a case for anyone getting this. If anyone thinks they were Diddled this week please write into the Board and let me know why,    


Gerald to Mr Postie : Thank you. You never fail to surprise me. I was convinced that the newsletter & my orders wouldn't get there on time. But I was pleasantly surprised. Now if you could make sure that all my results are wins, then that would be great.

Gerald to SPLATT : Your Master, or is it the other way round? Wrote to me saying I had got some of your predictions wrong. After double-checking, I had yours and Richards last 2 results the wrong way round. I've updated everything and it is all correct. Please let him know.

Gerald to Richard : Here's to a good game. Unfortunately neither of our teams are as good as season, due to retirements. So this will be a very interesting match.

Gerald to Pat : Looks like your getting the team heading in the right direction for our week 9 clash.

Gerald to AFC East : Well done guys we all won this week.

Gerald to Paul M. : Unlucky mate, it seemed very even apart from the turnovers.

Gerald to The Hendersons : So who's writing the defences? Or are you just both bad at Offence?

Gerald to Dave J : Well done, though it did look very close.

Gerald to Graham : If it wasn't for the 4 turnovers your forced, I would have said you deserved the Diddley!

Gerald to Graham : Don't worry about upsetting people. Like you said no one reads it anyway?

Graham to Gerald : Oh dear! Now I'm trying to work out just how many people it's possible to upset in a season's worth of Rammys. I suspect it's quite a few . . .

Graham to Dave J : Congratulations! First of many I hope.


We are thinking of holding another Gameplan Pub Meet somewhere in the London area, before Christmas. If anyone is interested, or has any suggestions of a location please drop me a line. Also let me know what dates you're available for. It's probably going to be either a Friday or Saturday.

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