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Week 12

by Gerald Udowiczenko

Well I've just got back from a lovely leisurely holiday on the Coventry canal. We (7 in total) started near Nuneaton and headed up to Burton Upon Trent and back, with a stop off at the Manor Farm Leisure Park. For those of you haven't done a narrow boat holiday before I'd absolutely recommend it. While the sleeping arrangements can be a little cramped, you get to see the world from a totally different perspective and you can drink and drive too. ( As the top speed you can reach is about 4 MPH. At times we walked faster then the boat between the locks.

So apologies for the newsletter if it's a little sparse, as I've had little time to do anything other than what was sent into me.

Thanks to Darren, Graham, Brucey & Jon for this weeks contributions.

Week 11
Name Correct /
Total Pct
Darren 7/11 58/78 74
SPLATT 8/12 94/132 72
Gerald 7/11 84/121 69
Graham 8/12 8/12 67
Jon   21/22 96
Richard   9/12 75

SR (4-7, W1) @ BB (8-3, L1) Last time : wk 12, 2004 (24 - 21)
Gerald : This would normally be a great game, but alas the Rams are quite a few games off the pace and will be hard pushed to slow down the offensive attack that will be thrown at them. Bills by 10.
Graham : BB by 10.
Jon : The Rams may have just won their first game against a team with a winning record, but I reckon the Bills know them too well. BB x 3.
Darren : Bills by 14.
SPLATT : Buffalo by 4.

MD (7-4, L2) @ SF (5-6, L1) Last time : wk 6, 2000 (31 - 6)
Gerald : The Fish have had a bad couple of results in the past two weeks and will be looking for a win here to keep in touch with the rest of the division. The 49ers are another team needing a win to keep a wildcard within reach, as the division is all but lost (unless the Saints totally fall apart). Touch one to call, but I think the Fish just have the edge. Fish by 3.
Graham : MD by 7.
Jon : The Dolphins have managed to stay in touch in the ultra competitive AFC East and need to win this to stay in the hunt. A loss for the 49ers here all but ends their playoff hopes. MD x 1.
Darren : Dolphins by 9.
SPLATT : Miami by 2.

AF (5-6, W1) @ NY (6-5, W4) Last time : wk 12, 2004 (13 - 10)
Gerald : The Falcons had a great win last week and if they can keep that kind of performance up for their remaining games, then they have a very good chance of a wildcard. However I feel they're way too inconsistent for that to happen. The Jets have dragged themselves back to within a shot at a wildcard and maybe the division? So it's a must win for both teams, which should make for great football. Jets by 3.
Graham : NJ by 10.
Jon : Which Falcons team will appear here? If it's the one that beat the Cowboys the Jets will lose. However I think the Falcons are too inconsistent. NJ x 3
Darren : Jets by 7.
SPLATT : New York by 1.

NE (8-3, W1) @ NS (10-1, W2) Last time : wk 12, 2002 (13 - 29)
Gerald : No comment.
Graham : NS by 3.
Jon : One hell of a game. The Saints are all but unstoppable but the Pats are no slouches either. However the Saints are better and at home. NO x 6.
Darren :
Saints by 8.
SPLATT : New Orleans by 5.

PE (7-4, W4) @ CL (10-1, W6) Last time : wk 12, 2000 (21 - 23)
Gerald : Both teams are on good streaks at present and it will be hard to separate these two come the end of 4 quarters. However separate them I must and I think the Eagles will just have the edge. Eagles by 3.
Graham : CL by 6.
Jon : Oh. I don't really want to meet teams like this when the 'Skins are breathing down my neck and the Cowboys are a threat.
Darren : Browns by 1.
SPLATT : Cleveland by 3.

PS (8-3, W4) @ WR (7-4, W1) Last time : wk 12, 1999 (14 - 20)
Gerald : The Steelers are in pole position for a wildcard and only 2 games behind in the divisional race. The Skins are yet again only separated by points difference. So both team need the win and even though no one is at the helm, I can't really go against the AFC, now can I? ( Skins by 3.
Graham : PS by 1.
Jon : If coach Dixon was still there I'd give it to him by a short neck. His influence will remain but it won't be quite enough. WR x 1.
Darren : Redskins by 6.
SPLATT : Pittsburgh by 4.

DC (5-6, L1) @ CI (1-10, L8) Last time : wk 12, 1995 (26 - 10)
Gerald : This is a very important game for the Boyz, as they need to close the gap on the Eagles & Skins. The Bengals season is over and I really can't see them putting up much of a fight. Boyz by 10.
Graham : DC by 6.
Jon : The Cowboys close in on the leaders in the East with a comprehensive win. DC x 14.
Darren : Cowboys by 21.
SPLATT : Dallas by 1.

TT (6-5, W1) @ AC (0-11, L40) Last time : wk 6, 2001 (24 - 0)
Gerald : Sorry to say the Cards seem destined to carry on their losing streak for the foreseeable future. Unless something dramatic happens? Which I really can't see. Everything that can go wrong seems to happen to them. If Dean is still there then I wholeheartedly congratulate him for sticking it out. A win for the Titans is a must as they chase a wildcard spot. Titans by 10.
Graham : TN by 17.
Jon : Just what the doctor ordered for the Titans as they try to grab a wild card. TT x 21.
Darren : No comment.
SPLATT : Tennessee by 4.

MV (7-4, L1) @ SD (7-4, W2) Last time : wk 12, 2003 (9 - 22)
Gerald : With the Chargers all but assured the division they have little to play for, other than to carry on winning and getting those all important form gains. But how many of them they'll get will be questionable, as they will struggle against top teams. Which is where their opponents come in. The Vikes, still have a shot at the division, but after last week, will probably have to settle for a wildcard. So they (Vikes) will want the win more and they are the stronger team. Vikes by 10.
Graham : MV by 3.
Jon : This one will be interesting and is a good test for the pretensions of the runaway leaders of the West. I think the Vikes will be annoyed enough by nearly being TD-less last week to come back with a vengeance. MV x 4.
Darren : Vikings by 7.
SPLATT : San Diego by 3.

KC (2-9, L3) @ TB (0-11, L12) Last time : wk 12, 1997 (24 - 13)
Gerald : Not sure if Ian really wants to win this game, as it might be costly (draft pick). However the Buccs really are struggling and I can't see that duck being broken yet. Chiefs by 14.
Graham : KC by 3.
Jon : As usual the Chiefs are a better team than their record and will show it for once. KC x 7.
Darren : Chiefs by 4.
SPLATT : Kansas City by 3.

CB (9-2, L1) @ SS (1-10, L1) Last time : wk 12, 2002 (13 - 10)
Gerald : A surprising loss for the Bears last week will make them doubly dangerous this week, especially as the Hawks really don't seem able to score and will be therefore be playing catch-up. And I can't see the Bears losing a lead. Bears by 17.
Graham : CH by 17.
Jon : You can't really see the Seahawks standing much of a chance here. CH x 14.
Darren : Bears by 27.
SPLATT : Chicago by 3.

OR (3-8, L5) @ DL (6-5, W1) Last time : wk 12, 2003 (14 - 31)
Gerald : I think the Raiders season is over, as they are 5 games behind a wildcard, with 5 games left and I really can't see any of the top teams losing that many. The Lions on the other hand have a chance of post-season action. But need to carry on winning and hope someone slips up. If they can reproduce the same kind of offence as last week, they should ensure a win and then there's always that 'D' of there's to help them out. Lions by 10.
Graham : DL by 6.
Jon : The AFC West suffers again as the Lions keep the pressure on. DL x 9.
Darren : Raiders by 1.
SPLATT : Detroit by 5.

by Graham Canwell (Week 11)  
Offence Pittsburgh The Steelers have tended to contend more for the defensive Rammy this year, but this week their offence had a great day against the Dolphins which enabled them to just squeak past the Browns to this award.
Defence San Diego This was a tough one as AFC offences were generally in pretty good form. The Chargers got the nod ahead of the Jets largely on the basis that the Bengals offence is a bit better than Seattle's.
Coach Horne (CL) With the other results in the league having been very much as expected this award came down to a duel between Julian and Mark. As with the defensive Rammy the strength of opposition proved decisive, and with the Bills (just) having a better record than the Fish I went for Julian.
Offence Atlanta Two rare contenders for the offensive award, namely the Falcons and Lions (the Saints were playing the Cards - enough said!). In going for Atlanta the crucial factors were that I perceived the Cowboys to have been in better form than the Niners, and that Atlanta's offence was more balanced (I'm a sucker for that, even if not very good at practicing it myself).
Defence Philadelphia Philly's D is no stranger to defensive Rammys and they surpassed even their own usual excellent standards in shutting down the fearsome Viking offence. The Lions (aided by a ball-control offence) and Falcons were good too, and even my much-maligned Ram D put on a terrific display of "bend but don't break" defence against the Bears (even if they did bend quite a lot!!!!)
Coach Heath (PE) Won the NFC's Game of the Week, and on the road too, so Jon was an easy winner.
  The Diddley St Louis I thought we showed a tremendous amount of persistence and guts to overcome two turnovers (surprise!) on our first three offensive plays, not allow a passing play over 14 yards all day, and even stage a goal-line stand inside the final two minutes. We were outgained 30-15 in first downs though, so I guess we're the best candidate around for a Diddley - but it hurts!  


Gerald to Mark D : Not sure if you'll read this, but perhaps you'll keep an eye on the league via Bruceys website? Cheers for printing off the newsletter and posting it for me last week, got me out of a hole.

Gerald to Julian : Thanks for beating the Bills for me last week :o)

Gerald to AFC East : This is really hotting up isn't it. I mean after 11 weeks to have all 4 teams with winning records is a testament to the quality of coaches in the East. Just a shame that only 3 (if we're lucky) of us can go to the play-offs.

Gerald to Rob : I would have rather preferred is you hadn't got that damned TD!!

Gerald to Jon : A very good result last week. But I'd still be worried about Randy. He really isn't firing on all cylinders is he?

Gerald to Paul S. : Looks like you've found an offence at last?

Gerald to Paul M. : Still in with a shout of a wildcard and you've got a better record than the Rams. So it can't be all bad? :o)

Gerald to Graham : What happened? I thought you were playing for the draft?

Gerald to Brucey : A good win that keeps the dream alive and you had an offence too.

Gerald to AFC : Lets kick some NFC butt!!!

Graham to Richard Ogg : This will probably the last of our annual duels for a while - I suspect you're going to enjoy it more than me!!!

Jon to Tim : I was very happy with last week's win, but not with your 85 yd drive to score a TD on the last play of the game!

Jon to Graham : Is your team finally finding some form? This week will probably tell, but a good win nonetheless. I just hope that you're back to early season form when we meet. Please?

Jon to Paul S : Is this going to be yet another week 16 decider? Mind you, the Cowboys may have something to say about that, for a change.

So Long and Thanks for All The Fish!!
(Or History of NFL Team Nicknames)

IThe Houston Oilers, who played at the Astrodome from 1960-96, moved to Nashville for the 1997 season. After two seasons as the Tennessee Oilers, owner Bud Adams announces the team will change its nickname to the Titans. "Titans come from early Greek mythology and the fact that Nashville is known as the 'Athens of the South' makes the Titans name very appropriate," Adams said.
General manager Bert Rose recommended Vikings to Minnesota's Board of Directors in 1960. The name represent both an aggressive person and the Nordic tradition inherent in the region.


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